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  1. Please let this be better than last issue!

  2. I liked the last issue…

  3. I thought last issue was ok.  I just love these characters so much. I’m going to give it a couple more issues to develop before I decide.

  4. I enjoyed the last issue well enough. I definitely don’t get the same level of exciment coursing through my veins as I did when Johns was writing JSA, however.

  5. We need Ordway!!

  6. I liked this issue more than the last (which I did enjoy),  but the sudden Magog friction seems a bit out of place. It’s pretty obvious they have a small window in which to take him from a background character who gets two lines per issue to someone who storms out of the JSA so he can have a solo book. Having said that: (a) I won’t miss him, (b) If the young guy pulling rank is going to rile anyone, it’s going to be Wildcat and (c) I enjoyed the writing on both Wildcat and Jay Garrick. Solid issue for me. 

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I forgot to remove this from my pull list, so let’s see how this goes…

  8. I didn’t like the last issue and I didn’t care for this one. I want to stick it out for the arc so I can see what happens with the team split and if it improves, but I’m finding it really hard. It’s so mediocre now.

  9. Walked into my LCS and the owner was just sitting down to read this. He was so excited Dr. Fate was on the cover…it made me laugh. I need a little history lesson on Dr. Fate. When did we last see him? What’s up with his powers? Has there been a change??

  10. I thought this was mediocre, just like the last one.  Not bad, but I am used to this being excellent.

  11. Pretty solid. I liked the characterzations of Wildcat and Jay Garrick, and everything else was okay. I’m on this for the rest of the arc at least, and while it doesn’t inspire me like a lot of the Johns run did, there hasn’t been anything outright bad about the issues yet. 3/5.

  12. Enjoyed this much more than the last issue. You can start seeing the divisions being created within the group, leading to the split of the team.

  13. Heard Willigham and Sturges over on the DC Podcast, excerpt from SFComicCon 2009. It sounded a lot more interesting then, than the actual execution is proving.

    It’s not quite enough to turn me off. I just think that writers of this calibre could do so much more to elevate the JSA.

    Let’s see how it goes.

  14. The character and dialogue in this seem very stilted to me…tons of attempts at jokes that aren’t funny. It doesn’t feel like they have a sense of who these characters are. Sadly, very close to dropping now.

  15. I was so-so on the first issue, and this one isn’t really pushing me to keep picking this up.  It’s not terrible, but I’m not excited about it before or after reading it.

  16. I didn’t hate it?

  17. Can someone explain the whole thing with Doctor Fate? Is he just a noob? 

  18. Mostly…Some distant nephew of the original Dr. Fate (not the most recent unceremoniously killed Hector Hall Dr. Fate).

  19. Willingham and Sturges seem pretty rushed to get to the new status quo. I can forgive a lot going on here as they have a lot of ground to cover to get to that point. I cannot beat up on this effort too much as it is compressed. If we had to buy 12 issues like this it would be different. Willingham IMO is going to offer a great JSA title. I am looking forward to having a legacy book free of the newer members who IMO offer little now but could become interesting under sturges’ pen.

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