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  1. I’m really surprised this book doesn’t have more hyep behind it.  Keith Giffen writing a Blue Beetle and Booster Gold story?  Strap me in.

  2. This book is fantastic. It keeps up the fever and vibe from the cartoon series…at times it’s been better than the main Justice League book! I think it’s run is about to be over, especially when the new Super Friends book arrives. Too bad…it’s been a fun ride and i would have loved to see more fanboy support! Long Live the JLU

  3. That was weird.  Giffen swapped the personalities of Beetle and Booster.

  4. Viktorr, I noticed the same thing, with the exception of a line here or there, the characters were swapped. I wonder if the letterer or artist made a mistake with the script? Also this story really doesn’t fit in well with the othe JLU books were they’ve shown Booster as a member.

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