The hunt for a murder suspect leads Superman and his new teammates to the secret behind the Secret Society, while Batman finds the key to the crime—and one of the Leaguers will be forever changed by it.

Plus, who is the Secret Society of Super-Villains and what are their plans for Pandora?

Story by Geoff Johns & Jeff Lemire
Art by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy
Cover by Doug Mahnke & Mikel Janin

Price: $3.99
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  1. So when is the “War” part of this event gonna happen?

  2. I’ve tried to get into this but couldn’t.

    I was sure with Doug Mahnke on art I would love it.

    It’s… too busy, or too convoluted or something.

  3. digging this. big goofy fun.
    hopefully Mahnke’s art picks up a bit this issue though, the glut of inkers last month kind of sucked the life out of it.

  4. So far I think the best part is Janins art in JLD. That guy is a beast!

  5. I think this will be my last issue of JLA.

  6. Like many of you I agree, I had reasonable hopes for this event but have lost interest really quickly, story is just okay, art too, For the price I’ll wait for reviews then consider it in trades. It’s sad, I remember when events started and books were still inexpensive enough that you could pick them up and toss them aside just as quickly. Now I really feel it if I but into a book that falls short of my hopes. What do you guys think?

    • I have the same issue. I love most comics but with such high prices I can only afford to pick up my absolute favorites. So I usually get a little bummed when the story or art are not what I was expecting.

      By November I’ll have dropped most of my DC titles and moved onto Image’s slew of new series. I’m going to pick up more creator owned stuff, I like the consistency of the creative teams more, even if they take a month or two breaks every now and then, as well as new characters that creators have full control over.

  7. I hope this is better than the last chapter, worst issue of JLD I’ve read so far! Blackest night didn’t have these problems, I was hooked on that first issue!

    Really hope this greats better, how long is it running? 6? 7 ssues? Gotta pick up soon somehow. I hope we see the Question in front of Conspiracy board covered in string; talking about flouride making it easier for Spy satellites to track you and the Girl Scouts causing the Crop Circle phenomion.

  8. Been reading these. It started off well, but JLD was bad…. May as well check this out, though…

  9. I agree that the last chapter has been the weakest chapter so far. Will probably flip through this in the store in order to keep up on the story, but I’ve dropped the title. Once Trinity War is over, I’ll probably do the same with Justice League Dark . . .

  10. Nowmi am in a rock and hard place…halfway through, may as well finish, but nOt enthused. Gonna have to reevaluate all DC titles in September.

    • Well, with Villain’s Month, October may be a better time for a revaluation. I get it though. I might be dropping all the Justice League titles after this.

  11. Its funny, I started reading a lot of the “dark” comics to get familiar with the characters for this event. Now this event has basically made me cancel all of my “dark” titles and I am considering cancelling Justice League as well.

  12. yeah I need a cull of my list, and I am thinking after this arc that i’ll not continue on with any of the JL titles.

    • I’m thinking that, too. And dropping the 2 GL books I get. I’ve liked this story a lot so far, but I’m tired of the crossovers and the price increases. I’ve dropped so many DC books lately.

      Plus I’m not thrilled with Matt Kindt taking over.

  13. Even Geoff johns is faltering in the Nu52. Nothing he’s done has been to the standard he hit in the old DCU. He was always the guy who wrote about legacy in teams and characters. Maybe being robbed of that angle in the new continuity is part of the drop in standard?

  14. Who’s idea was it to ruin the ending of trinity war with an advert for forever evil? They even put the advert within the pages of the book!! What the hell!!!

    • Was it that bad? There were ads for FE in most of my DC books last month but I don’t feel that they gave away the ending.

      This may be the future for the Big 2. AoU was just to set up pieces in the Marvel U for 2-3 other events. Maybe the writers think that the first event’s endings aren’t that important and that we don’t care anyway.

  15. This latest chapter was fun while I was reading it – but as soon as I was done, I could barely remember what happened and what the cliffhanger is. It was like a weird fever dream. I think there are just too many characters in this story, and too many sub-plots with too many teams and too many secret alliances. And The Question throws Batman and friends through a mirror, and I have no idea why.

    • DUDE! Spoilers 😉 !

    • I don’t know if my head hurts from reading book or your comment. Both I won’t remember in 30 mins. Neato!

    • I guess I am re-learning a hard lesson about comic book events: when the publisher says “you don’t have to read all the tie-ins to understand the core event books,” what they really mean is “if you don’t read all the tie-ins, tons of stuff is not going to make sense in the core event books.”

      On an unrelated note… I think it’d be fun to re-tell Trinity War all from the point of view of Stargirl, or any other hero who appears in every issue but seemingly has zero lines of dialogue or importance other than to stand behind certain characters who do get to do and say things.

  16. I still think its clearly Outsider Alfred from some alternate universe or something and “the box” (that looks more like a gold skull to me, but whatever) is likely some gateway.
    Was the third eye on the final page supposed to be evocative of OMAC? Have we seen the story where Lex Luthor receives those weird scars in his head? I’m not remembering that
    While I don’t like the Dr. Psycho redesign, I like the newer kind of motivation of being drivin insane unable to keep from hearing everyone’s bad thoughts. But how long until we start going back to some more traditional character designs, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

  17. Skimmed/read this in the store today and was underwhelmed. I was originally excited for Trinity War when I thought that it would be the event itself, but now it seems more like a rush to get to Forever Evil. The first two chapters had some interesting character work, but now, it’s becoming more of a jumble of different factions rushing about. So it goes.

    DC must be doing something people like though, as when I tried to pick up last week’s issue of Phantom Stranger at my store, they were sold out of it. Yay, tie-ins.

  18. Meh. Let me guess…Batman save the day. Original.

  19. What’s in the box?!

  20. Anyone else feel like this is just being used solely as a prologue to Forever Evil? I’m all for stories leading into other stories, they should tie together somehow. Trinity War just doesnt feel like its own thing. I guess I just wish the Secret Society stuff was used less until the last issue. I also think that because we know Forever Evil is happening the ending is somewhat obvious. Hopefully I’m wrong and Johns/Lemire throw in a twist.

  21. I feel like a lot of the dialogue and character motivations in this issue were poorly written. A few examples:

    Right before he disappeared, the Phantom Stranger suddenly reveals that he knows what the box actually is, and that Madame Xanadu knows the secret behind everything. Where did he get all this information, and why has he been sitting on it all this time?

    When Pandora appears to Lex he is disinterested in her. Then Wonder Woman shows up. WW “I want the box.” LL “If you want it then I want it!” It sounded like something a 2nd grader would say on the playground.

    WW “I have the box! And the box has me.” It just sounds so unnatural.

    • I didn’t actually read the Phantom Stranger tie-in book so I could be wrong but did he find this out from Dr. Light in heaven when he Batman Deadman and Katana went to see him?

  22. This just makes it easier to migrate away from DC and Marvel to the more original and interesting offerings of Image, Boom, IDW and others. It is a really great time for readers, but I feel like Marvel has positioned their books poorly from a price perspective and DC just really fumbled the reinvention if its universe with Flashpoint. They could have really gone for a fresh start but they half-assed it and left the continuity “ambiguous” so that even the writers don’t know what story lines did or did not happen. While it technically allows me to keep those stories I loved, it ultimately kills their ability to relaunch and invigorate their comics. If you look at it, everything that

  23. I guess I’m in the minority, but I loved this issue. PotW for me, hands-down.

    It was a blast, and harkened me back to things I loved as a kid, like the Avengers/Defenders War.

    It’s not s perfect issue, but it was loads of fun for me.

  24. Not the best issue of Trinity War so far but still a good read I thought. Not sure why but I liked when Lex only wanted the box after Wonder Woman said she wanted it.

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