The War of the Justice Leagues continues as one hero is arrested and another goes rogue. Who is responsible for the evil that has infected the League? And who is the true killer? Only the Question knows the answer…

Story by Geoff Johns & Jeff Lemire
Art by Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy, Keith Champagne, & Tom Nguyen
Colors by Gabe Eltaeb & Nathan Eyring
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Rod Reis, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, & Andrew Dalhouse

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.1%


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  1. This looks like it might be fun to read when the trade comes out.

    I haven’t really read much Geoff Johns at all.

    • 1.Green Lantern Rebirth
      2.Sinestro Corps War
      3. Blackest Night

      You’re welcome 🙂

    • I think i’d replace Rebirth with Justice Society.

    • How is John’s Justice Society, I’ve always been interested in it?

    • I enjoyed John’s Justice Society, particularity the Kingdom Come arc . . .

      Also, Aquaman has been a consistently great title. . .

    • I own a huge pile of the JSAv3 stuff, I still haven’t read it yet.

      One of these years…

    • His Justice Society is really good. Definitely check out the series “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.”, that was really good too. I agree that his Green Lantern stuff is good, particularly Sinestro Corps War. It starts to get a little shakey around Blackest Night though. His Braniac run in Action Comics was cool, an animated movie was just made of it. I also liked his Superman Secret Origin book. Check out some of his Flash run too. Good stuff.

  2. Yes pls.

  3. Here’s hoping we get to see more Martian v. Kryptonian action!

    • I hoping to see that as well, I bet Manhunter gives him a good fight too. I really like how Reis depicts Manhunter’s morphing abilities too.

  4. Dudes, this is just speculation on my part, but what if behind the whole Trinity War was a League of Evil Super-Villains? What if these Evil Villains were pulling the strings the whole time? And have been pulling them like, uh, forever?


  5. On the fence about this one. I am curious for the next chapter, but don’t want to pay 3.99 for a 2.99 book. It’ll be a gut decision Wednesday . . .

    • yeah but Cosmo it does have Mahnke on art and that right there, him drawing the Justice League, is well worth the dough.

    • What really confuses me is that JL was 34 pages for 3.99. If this is just 20 pages for 3.99 that’s going to be a big letdown.

    • I think it will be like throne of atlantis, where it just continues the story from Justice League. It will basically be like getting two justice league issues in two weeks. After trinity war, I’m dropping JLA though. It hasn’t been interesting at all.

    • After writing my comment, I looked at my pull list and even without JLA, I had hit my limit for this week. Add the fact that DC is charging me an extra buck for less content, and this’ll most likely be a pass. Maybe a later week . . .

      Either way, I’m probably dropping this and Dark after Trinity War . . .

    • 24 story pages and a glossy cover for 3.99.

  6. How do you think they’re going to release this in trade?

    • It’s short enough that it’ll probably be released in one Trinity War trade. If they packaged it like Blackest Night, it would only be three very flimsy paperbacks. But I’m applying logic to DC’s trade system, and that’s just silly.

    • It’ll be like the Night of the Owls collection where they put all the issues in one trade in order, I assume.

    • Ala Throne of Atlantis.

    • I assume we’ll get one trade with the main Justice League titles, and a second trade for the Phantom Stranger, Pandora, Constantine tie-ins . . .

  7. Could someone hip me to the origin of the skull (Pandora’s Box)? I feel like I may have missed something. I read Pandora #1 and JL #22, but it wasn’t clear to me how the skull came into existence. Perhaps this will be revealed in future issues???

  8. Agreed, following Trinity War (which my LCS ran out of JL22 before I got there last week), the only DC book I’ll likely keep is Supergirl. I really wanted to like JLA, there is just too much going on and hardly any depth.

  9. I have noticed that DC is giving their 3.99 books a harder cover. Not sure if this is a permanent shift, but I sure like it.

  10. I ended up reading this in the store, but not buying it. Over all a good continuation of the story. I particularly liked the exchange between Batman and Superman, and how Batman allowed his concern to show in his own way. Also, it made sense how Wonder Woman brought Justice League Dark into the story, though, I still roll my eyes whenever a character actually uses “Justice League Dark” in a sentence.

    But, could someone tell me what Aquaman is doing here? I thought, like Hal, he took a prolonged absence from the team to focus on Atlantis’ affairs? Did I miss the part where they called him in?

    So, continuing to follow the story, though I probably won’t be buying the next part — there’s way too much other stuff coming out next week.

    • I assumed Aquaman got called in or something. I doubt he will have any large role in Trinity War since he got plenty of time during Throne of Atlantis and is still dealing with being King. Speaking of which, Aquaman is still great. Johns is juggling and setting up a lot of story lines in Aquaman that I think will have awesome pay offs.

      The term Justice League Dark is pretty lame. I was hoping John or Frankenstein would jokingly tell Diana to not refer to them as that.

  11. I havent read any JLA but I love Simon Baz and Martian Manhunter. Are they featured in this? Are they any good in this book? Is Element woman in this? She was a standout character from Flashpoint for me.

    • Manhunter has a minor role, I would have liked more. Hopefully he gets more panel time in the upcoming issues. Baz and Element Woman had less time than Manhunter.

  12. So how long has the Question been Steve Trevor? Was it just for that scene, or has he been Steve Trevor this whole time??

    • Pretty sure it’s just that scene. They’ve given Trevor a lot of page time since the relaunch. It’d be kinda bonkers to make a move like that after so long.

  13. I enjoyed this more than the first chapter. In fact, I’m starting to get into it more than I thought I would. This really does have the feeling of those classic Geoff Johns events.

    Some thoughts:
    – I’m glad they ended the heroes fighting heroes abruptly. This is DC, not Marvel. And I really enjoyed how bugged out everyone was by Superman’s actions, including Waller.

    – Seeing Vic Sage (if that is him) again was really exciting. I’ve always loved Question (both Sage and Montoya) and I’m glad he’s getting some time to shine.

    – Mahnke killed it as usual, but the four inkers really hurt the art in some pages.

    – I love whenever Johns gets to write the Trinity alone together. It’s always a nice reminder of all the reasons those three are the center of the universe. Bruce and Diana’s disagreement on how to handle the investigation was great. Spot on character work.

    – Hephaestus!! That was a nice surprise. Nice to see Azzarello’s wonderful work acknowledged outside WW.

    I wasn’t planning on buying JLD, but this issue made me curious. This turned out to be a nice surprise this far.

    • Wow, WheelHands is just reading my mind in every thread today. LOL Again, he perfectly summed up everything I thought about JLA #6.

      Geoff Johns is a curious cookie. To me, his early stuff is pure gold – and I loved, loved, loved! his FLASH and JSA runs. Then his SINESTRO CORPS WAR rocked my world, it was perfect summer event comic reading. After that, however… I run hot & cold on his stuff. Actually, warm and cold. But these first two parts of TRINITY WAR have been surprisingly interesting reads. Just real fun. 🙂 And call me nuts, but even though it was inked strangely, I kind of even preferred Doug Mahnke’s pencils here to Reis’ in JL #22, it just looked cleaner to me. Anyway, I’m happy to be already caving on my “Age of Ultron Thoroughly Pissed Me Off” oath to boycott all comic book events… as JLA #6 kept me intrigued enough in TRINITY WAR to move onto JLDARK next week.

    • Think of a number between 1 and 10.

  14. The art in this book was incredibly inconsistent. I found it hard to even look at the pages where the Leagues were fighting. So ugly.

    I hate Wonder Woman in the JL books. She is such an abrupt and mean person. I much prefer her in the Wonder Woman comics.

  15. Another awesome chapter of Trinity War. Crazy to see Superman all locked up. And how about that reveal at the end about who the Question was? Very interesting.

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