Reeling from the traumatic death following issue #4’s cliffhanger, the “world’s most dangerous team” discovers what the Secret Society is ultimately after—and who they are. But can Steve Trevor get this uncontrollable team under control before it’s too late?

Plus, a revelation about Stargirl leaves one of her team members out for blood.

Written by Geoff Johns & Matt Kindt
Art by David Finch & Manuel Garcia
Cover by David Finch

Price: $3.99
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Creyes24706/28/13NoRead Review
Creyes24706/28/13NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I am really curious to see how they handle last issues cliffhanger

  2. If the next issue is 20 pages for 3.99, this is my last issue. It’s too bad, because I’ve liked this series.

    • With ‘Trinity War’ kicking in, so does this new price-point. I too, am consequently dropping this title following this issue.

    • Yeah..I’ve been on the fence about this book the last couple of issues. Its a good book but I’m just not interested in Trinity Wars and buying all of the books that go along with that. After reading an article about culling your pull list I’ve decided this will be one of the books I’m dropping (after this issue).

    • Going to drop it after trinity war.

  3. There’s something about this book I really like. It’s kind of a gritty bad ass Justice League.

    Maybe I’ll give the Trinity War a chance – we’ll see.

  4. Five issues is enough to determine if a book sucks or not, right?

    I’m out.

    And unless I hear wonderful things about Trinity War, I’m not going anywhere near it.

    • You could just say “to determine if a book is for you or not.”

      I certainly don’t think this sucks at all.

  5. Really enjoying this series.

  6. This series is setting up some potentially crazy awesome stuff. Plus…CHRONOS!!! And WTF is going on with Dr. Light??! I can’t wait for the Trinity War

  7. Yeah, this was a great prologue to Trinity War. A lot of stuff happening. I’m not sure how one person could understand Trinity War if they haven’t been reading this title. So much going on already.

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