BRIGHTEST DAY continues with the start of an all-new, 5-part JLA/JSA crossover!

The return of one hero heralds the release of the powerful Starheart that empowers Green Lantern Alan Scott. Now this chaotic force is unleashed on Earth, causing magic to go wild – and new metahumans to emerge! It’s more than one super-team can handle, but can even the combined efforts of the Justice League and the Justice Society contain the light and dark power wielded by one of their own? Witness the transformation of the moon and a journey into the Shadow Lands that will corrupt a hero!

Continued in next month’s JSA #41, this epic event features a 5-part connected cover spotlighting both teams in glorious action illustrated by Mark Bagley with inks by Jesus Merino!


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  1. James Robinson lost me on this book, at least at full retail.  If I can find it in dollar bins, I will pick it up.

  2. Excellent. The teams will be battling green light goo. This should allow for some strong character development.

  3. @JimBilly4: Why wouldn’t it?

  4. If this crossover doesn’t wow me I think I’m going to drop this

  5. @Conor Mostly I am lamenting what has been wong with JLA for years and not this specific arc. Issues devolving into long fight scenes against weak or ill defined villains with very few believable character moments. I think I am just losing faith the ship will right itself under Robinson. As to this specific series, the Starheart seems another ill defined mega-evil and we will soon have more than a dozen characters to keep track of. Geoff Johns manages to squeeze out nice bits of character out of even a line or two in the middle of battle, but I don’t think that is a Robinson skill. He needs the quieter moments or more space (like some of the awesome Shade stuff from Starman). This crossover seems unlikely to play to that.

  6. @JimBilly4: I think Robinson has been really good on JLA. He’s made the book fun and readable again.

  7. @conor I thought a month or two ago you said that JLA has not been so good on one of the podcasts?

  8. Robinson got me back on JLA, and I’m staying.  I just need him to justify Jesse going back to being "Jesse Quick" instead of "Liberty Belle"  or is it someone new?  I just feel that JSA writers have done a great job developing her character and I need some justification as to why she would regress.  (Other than JLA needed a speedster)

  9. @vadamowens: No, I’ve been saying the opposite.

  10. I was hoping that Robinson would bring this book back on track but I haven’t enjoyed it since meltzer left. Don’t know whether to give thus crossover my last chance or drop it now

  11. SUCKs SUCKs SUCKs…………As an old time comic book guy (started buying in 1963), I miss the big 3. I miss the great art that really sparks the characters as individuals and as a team. Bagley’s art makes everyone look the same, same facial expressions, nothing new to costumes, allways the same body types. It’s personal like most things I know, but I’m not feeling the love and at today’s prices I’m not buying into this creative team.

  12. I think Robinson is the best writing they have had on this is over 30 issues, but I don’t feel that is saying much. And the book suffers from the same heavy handed editorial mangling that it has for a very long time. I can’t recall 3 issues in a row without a major crossover or tie-in or fill-in of some sort. I know the JSA/JLA summer crossover is a tradition, but it is still another crossover when I still don’t feel that Robinson has introduced me to most of these characters. And I have not really been enjoying Bagley’s art at all. The only reason I am still buying this is because it the longest running continuous DC title Iin my collection. That is not a good reason.

  13. I wonder what Robinson would do if he couldn’t use ellipses or dashes.

    My personal highlight of this issue was when Supergirl called Batman by his real name as she held a villain in her arms. A close second was Jesse Quick telling Ted Grant that she’s lost all respect for him. I think subconciously I’ve been buying this for the laughs. I was planning on sticking this out until after the crossover, but I dunno if I’ll make it.

    And they say Morrison is unreadable.

  14. James Robinson introduces Super Friends character Samurai into the DCU with this issue. Pages 7-9. Crazy Weird

  15. @lantern4life  I LOVED that Samurai was in this comic.  I had his action figure as a kid!!  Too Funny!

  16. I’m with Jimbilly. Ill defined villains, characters, and entities (starheart) have made this unreadable. I got 10 pages in and couldn’t finish. I don’t know what people see in Robinson I haven’t enjoyed anything he’s written lately and I’ve bought it all because of the titles. I have to drop this and I will think twice before I buy another Robinson written title again. 

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