Be here for the start of a new Justice League era! The JLA have been getting a pounding in the last couple of months, but NO MORE! The team regroups with a new roster that will transcend time and space! Make way for the World’s Greatest Heroes – Batman, Green Lantern, the Atom, Green Arrow, Donna Troy, the Guardian, Cyborg, Mon-El, Starfire, Dr. Light and, yes, Congorilla!

This issue features two covers by Mark Bagley which are seperately orderable. Cover A features Green Lantern and Green Arrow; Cover B features Batman and Mon-El. The cover images will be revealed online before the issue’s Final Order Cutoff date.

Written by James Robinson
Art and covers by Mark Bagley and Rob Hunter

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  1. I’m a little surprised the "new era" is starting before Cry for Justice has ended.

  2. @stuclach: They can’t let CRY FOR JUSTICE’s delays hold up everything.

  3. They already gave away several pieces of the end of Cry for Justice two issues ago. JLA has been f-ing around for a year now. I agree. Let’s get this train moving so I can finally decide whether I want to jump off or not.

  4. @conor I agree, but Cry for Justice only skipped one month, and JLA has happened after CfJ since issue #38 if I’m not mistaken. Whatever, I’m liking both stories, and if a spoiler ruins a story for me, then it wasn’t a good story to begin with. So let’s have at it.

  5. @conor – I agree, but it is still disappointing.  I’m one of the few enjoying Cry for Justice.

  6. as I just alluded to on the thread for Cry for Justice, the actual craft of telling a story should trump any great surprises.  it’s the journey that counts.

  7. "Make way for the World’s Greatest Heroes – Donna Troy, the Guardian, Cyborg, Mon-El, Dr. Light and, yes, Congorilla!"

    On which world exactly are these "the greatest"? 

    I wish this book could be good again … 🙁 

  8. Says the Deadpool fan :p

    Robinson and Bagley kicked ass over the past 3 issues with a cast of characters I could give a shit about, very much looking forward to seeing how they handle this new team.

  9. @skeets Samsies, i cannot wait to see how bagley draws a book with a GL as a regular cast member

  10. I don’t understand the ripping on Robinson’s team so far. Sure, there are b and c list characters, but Hal Jordan, Ollie Queen, and Ray Palmer are worthy heroes. Of the ‘trinity,’ we have the current Batman, a former Wonder Woman, and the dude filling in for Superman. Who do you want on the team that could feasibly be on it given the current state of the DCU? Only thing I can think of is a Flash, any Flash, but I feel like that will be coming down the line.

  11. This book is beginning to have that “satellite era league” feel to it. That’s a good thing!!!!

  12. I liked this.  As much as I like the ‘big guns’ in the JLA, I also like when it has a diverse and interesting cast.  I hope DC doesn’t interfere too much with Robinson’s run.

  13. I read this before Cry for Justice, so it spoiled quite a bit of Cry for Justice.

     However, it was a pretty good, let’s get the team back together issue.

  14. Much better.

  15. Not only was this post-Cry for Justice, but it was also post-Blackest Night, which isn’t even over yet.  I thought it was kinda good, but Bagley’s art has never impressed me.  I like Cry for Justice a lot better, which some people seem to hate, so what do I know?

  16. This was worth it if only to watch Damian call Donna Troy a "harlot".



  17. this was good, but remember how Meltzer’s first arc primarily just involved getting the team together.  I just hope Robinson moves on quickly.

  18. I love thet Donna was the centerpiece of this issue.  As a huge WW fan, I hope that Robinson does a lot with her.

  19. I love this book cause we’ll get more time with dick grayson as batman

  20. As hokey a some of the dialouge was in this, I cant shake the feeling that this book is on the cusp of being something truly great.

  21. @Patman2 My thoughts exactly.

  22. @patman2  yes my thoughts as well. i think within another issue or two this thing will really have people talking about the JLA again in a good way

  23. I thought the stuff in the middle (going back to the American Revolution) was really interesting. More of that, less getting the band together, Mr. Robinson. Also, try and kepe the regular roster under 8 people, maybe?

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