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  1. That cover is awful but the interiors have been top notch. Still though, damn thats bad coloring

  2. I’m eager for Mr. Robinson’s actual run to start.  Does that start in the next issue?

  3. Yes, the new line up should start in issue 41.

  4. Hate the art! Hate the new team line-up! Hate the fact that a DC flagship title is so mediocre! Might be one of the few Blackest Night Books that I wish the whole team gets killed! It’s me isn’t it? Everybody else probably loves this frackin drap!

  5. I can’t tell the difference between the way Bagley draws Zatanna, Gypsy and Donna.

  6. Ok and now the cover looks different. previous post retracted

  7. The cover is still crappy.  Didn’t Vixen have a metal leg in the last issue that will eventually be explained in Cry for Justice??

    That would mean that Red Arrow lost an arm and Vixen lost a leg or something…any ideas?

  8. @RoiVampire  i think it was a metal cast over her leg. some kind of new fangled super cast. it didn’t look like it had replaced her leg, more like it was covering it

  9. the above is directed at @misterckent  i can’t type today

  10. I didn’t like this tie in, it was just boring…

    I hope the new Robinson Group make things different, JLA is SUCKING. 

  11. JLA just needs to get out of Blackest Night…give me some elseworld JLA or really pretty much anything except the past few years worth. 

    When is Johns going to take this one over and fix it all?

  12. I think this has been a great Blackest Night tie in! I’ve always enjoyed Mr. Bagleys work, and he didn’t disappoint in this issue. There were some really cool action sequences and who doesn’t love zombie Vibe!!! Not sure what all the complaining is about.

  13. This book summarizes my opinion of Vixen as a character.  She puts me to sleep.  I like the female Dr. Light, though.

  14. Love Bagley’s art. I will be sticking with it I think, is the next issue when the new JLA team comes together?

    I too like Dr. Light, so am glad she is staying in the new team, the other characters are a little dull so will be glad when they are replaced by more interesting characters.

  15. I really enjoyed reading about this team for the past 3 issues, I’d actually be down to read an ongoing about them but oh well.

  16. i literally fell asleep reading this.

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