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  1. Is this book still remarkably boring?

    I pick it up from time to time and it just bores me to tears.  Red Tornado?  Vixen?  Who cares?  They should have killed those two and kept Jonn.

  2. They killed John because no one cares about Vixen or Red Tornado.  Although I understand what you’re saying.

  3. I agree, the line-up is full of a lot of 2nd (or 3rd?) string characters. I want the Big Seven!

    Last issue was basically a 22 page fight scene, so hopefully this issue has some *gasp* story.

  4. THis book could use more Aquaman randomly jacking people in the stomach.

  5. Zatanna! Woo!

  6. Maybe its just my opinion but i would love this book so much more if Benes wasnt drawing it.

  7. @CAM- Agree with that Aquaman comment.  Do you know what the DCU is missing and could use more of?  Aquaman!.

  8. @rift: Good news, he isn’t. Benes just did the cover, Allan Goldman did the interiors.

  9. we got to see zatanna really kick some ass and that was worth the price of admission as far as i’m concerned. Not a great issue by any means, but it was totally fun.

    I personally don’t care who’s on the team or who isn’t.  Giffen’s classic run didn’t really have any of the big guns in it aside from batman and it was a fucking good book. The character that had my favorite moment in morrison’s run was Aztek. JLA totally shoud highlight those lesser known characters but they just need to do a better job of it.

    I really don’t need to see superman or batman in this book because i’m already getting great stories with them in their own books.  

  10. Some people can’t accept that the JLA is’nt only about the big 7.

  11. For me it’s not that the JLA is "The Big Seven" it’s just that this JLA isn’t doing anything. It’s so stagnant and it doesn’t feel important. Why do we have this book? Yes, the fight was interesting, but beyond that?

  12. @GungaDin- I agree.  JLA should be the most important book for DC.  It should garner the most focus, but unfortunately the creators can’t make certain artistic choices because they have to worry about events in other books. 

    Plus it must be hard coming up with interesting threats for a team with Superman and Wonder Woman on it.  If I was a creator this is the book that would intimidate me.

  13. Anyone else notice that the cover and description of this issue deal with a new villian, Anansi, yet, its mostly the conclusion of the Amazon battle and getting RT a new body?  Only the last few pages served as a prelude to Anansi.  Makes me think they put next month’s cover on a month too early!


  14. Really? We needed a two issue fight scene to explain that Red Tornado isn’t just a progam, but he has a "soul?" Combine this issue & the last and it might be an OK issue, but two issues of nothing feels like my wallet just got raped.

  15. This comic is my guilty pleasure. Sometimes I just want to see a bunch of superheroes beat the shit out of people, and this one delivered.

  16. Avatar photo captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    this was… well… meh

  17. The best thing about this issue and arc was that Zatanna got plenty of play.  Black Canary blasting Amazo’s head off was pretty cool too.  Everything else was pretty average and a questionable story to do.

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