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  1. What do you guys think?  Do you think this issue will be magically good?

  2. I have high hopes for this with McDuffie back on board and Van Sciver’s art.

  3. is this a good jumping on issue?


  4. @gineration – Probably.

  5. I think every issue of this series is a good jumping on issue. It’s a quick way to catch up on your favorite heroes.

  6. @gene: Or at least the crossover that its linked with (just being silly). I am so looking forward to this one and the new James Robinson series.

  7. Van Sciver doing interiors!!! AWESOME!!

    I’m just curious, does anyone actually like the current team line-up?

    Vixen? Red Tornado? Black Lightning? Red Arrow? Hawkgirl? Don’t get me wrong, I like these characters, but I always thought the JLA was all about A-list heroes. 

  8. Dammit, McDuffie’s back on as regular writer?  Looks like I’ve got another book to pick up. 

  9. @WadeWilson – THE JLA has been through many line-ups and they aren’t always A-Listers.

  10. I don’t understand why this book hasn’t clicked for me since it restarted.  This should be the best thing on the market. 

  11. So happy to have my Justice League back. McDuffie/Van Sciver won’t let me down. I can feel it in my heart. 

  12. I dropped this title in the midst of the Injustice League arc. I had found out later that it was becoming one big Salvation Run tie-in and was glad I dropped because I don’t like tie-ins to concurrently running series and I wasn’t going to buy Salvation Run.

     I wasn’t going to buy this issue (Queen Bee? Really?) but was going to get the next issue because of the FC backstor, but now you’re all praising it. So conflicted…

  13. Yep, it was pretty damn good. Top of the Stack for me this week (despite my only picking up three books). Both the writing and art were top-notch.

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