• The new Justice League of America team continues to form, but the question remains: What do these heroes want in return for their membership?

• Secret motives are everywhere, and the outcome will have a huge impact on this team and the rest of The New 52!

• Plus, the alien MANHUNTER’s back-up series begins revealing more about J’onn’s plans for this team…and the other Justice League.

Story by Geoff Johns & Matt Kindt
Art by David Finch & Scott Clark
Colors by Sonia Oback & Jeff Chang
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover by David Finch

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  1. I’m gonna give this one arc to grab me by the short and curlies. I found the first issue to be pretty typical, but the roster’s full of favorites for me so I want to like this title.

    • The roster was the main reason I pick up this title now that I know its a J’onn backup it makes me even more excited. So Geoff please bring the A-game.

  2. Interested to see Matt Kindt’s Martian Manhunter backup.

    Also hoping we get a moment or two with Hawkman & Stargirl.

  3. This title is a little too angsty for its own good. I can’t help but be reminded of Paul’s critique about being a bit too self-serious.

    And does everyone remember when Catwoman’s current costume debuted in Cooke’s run? Yyyyyeah. I’m pretty sure that was the last time she zipped it all the way up. That zipper just keeps getting lower and lower. It’s pretty ridiculous.


    • yeah but dude, how else are we suppose to see her boobies? 😉

    • I’ve never complained about a woman showing her boobs and I’m not about to start.
      The war on boobs has got to STOP! 😛

    • HaHa!

      For me, it’s less about Fictional Women’s Lib, and more about the aesthetics. It just looks dumb with the pilot cap buttoned and the zipper wide open. When you really think about it, you’re seeing the same thing whether it’s zipped or not. It’s just a matter of coloring.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed this.
    Really digging the creepy characterization of the Martian.
    Hawkman is such a badass. “It’s not my blood.” LOL. Fuckin’ awesome.
    I’ve never seen Finch’s pencils look so polished. The detail is amazing.
    I always have fun reading Johns’ dialogue. He injects the right amount of humor to balance his Homeric themes of grandeur.

  5. Is it me or is the J’onn J’onzz backup story just as good as the main story? I really like this book. I know we are only two issues in, but I think this is gonna be a fun ride!!

  6. I got really bored with this issue, which sucks because I really like the team. Also I can’t unsee the clenched jaws now.

  7. This was a great issue. Nice to see the team start to come together with the meet and greet. Going to be some fun relationships I think.

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