• “BREAKDOWN,” picking up where last month’s FIRESTORM #9 left off.

• The JLI team – BOOSTER GOLD, AUGUST GENERAL IN IRON, GODIVA, GUY GARDNER, BATWING, O.M.A.C. and FIREHAWK – face off against THE BURNERS, who want to create anarchy by any means necessary!

Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Aaron Lopresti & Matt Ryan
Cover by David Finch & Richard Friend

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  1. Hmmmm a little deceived by the crossover with Firestorm last issue, haven’t read it. Think I’ll be lost picking up again with this issue of JLI?

  2. Any guesses for what takes over as the 52nd title after JLI is cancelled?

    Doom Patrol would be nice.

    • Why would they cancel it? This is better than JL and JLD! 0_o

    • They are canceling it. They didn’t really give a reason. It sells alright and the writing isn’t horrible. Your guess is as good as mine.

    • The series ends at issue 12 along with an annual, but they said something about it coming back. I don’t think any hard details have been released yet.

    • What!? Source please, this news passed by without me even noticing! 0_o

    • Are there exactly 52 DC titles right now? cuz if we’re only counting the first wave then we’re already down 1 with OMAC being cancelled a few issues ago

    • They cancelled six titles (OMAC, Mr. Terrific, Men of War, Hawk and Dove, Static Shock and Blackhawks) and replaced those with six more series + Batman Beyond Unlimited and now, Before Watchmen. So it’s more or less 52 series…

    • Bet you the replacement is a team book that focuses on Trevor’s group. DC is probably thinking if Avengers can support 3 to 4 monthly titles, Justice League can support two.

      In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if JLI was always going to be a temporary placeholder until they progressed the Justice League story far enough to introduce another team. Don’t forget that Johns and DiDio are writing the JLI Annual in August. It would be weird if a book that was meant to be a send-off to a title was written by two writers not associated with the title. I’d guess that the Annual will set up the new team for its own title, which will start in October, after the Zero issues in September.

    • Justice League Europe?

  3. Kind of a shame really. I think they just need to exchange some characters and add a little more comedy to the mix like the original JLI. Wouldn’t hurt to bring Kevin Maguire back too. But where else am I going to get my OMAC fix?

  4. I am really frustrated and just can’t understand why they are cancelling this title?! I think it is bull shit!! There I said it!! i have only one complaint about this title and it was the introduction of BatWing and Omac into this title, they do not belong. They can be set up in a JLEurope type book if you want I don’t care, thisis just a book with some pretty good tradition and I think the line up should return to it’s real potential. August General and the long blond haired chick can join OMac and Batwing in JLE it they want and that Jamie BB as well. Bring back Ted Kord as BB in this book with the current group minus the ones I have stated and then maybe a Mister Miracle and Barda and even Elongated Man with Shazam and Captian Atom. Oh well, I guess I miss the old days too much..


  5. I so wanted this title to be better than it has been. I wish they would go back to the embassies concept of the 80’s. And a little humor wouldn’t hurt this book. I can’t say I’ll be upset if they do cancel it.

  6. It’s a shame this title is getting cancelled. I think that in many ways fans have been more demanding of this book than the main Justice League… that one is not so hot. At least JLI had lots of fun and diverse characters. It sucks that Fire, Ice, and Vixen are being sidelined for the likes of OMAC, but even then i thought issue #10 was entertaining.

    Please check my mini-review here:


    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  7. I freakin’ LOVE this book!!!! Booster Gold has been my favorite hero since he first appeared in the 80’s and I don’t see that changing. It breaks my heart that it’s going to end with issue #12 and the annual. The way Jurgens is writing different issues from different heroes perspectives is awesome.

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