Max’s ultimate OMAC Project closes in on completion, and the JLI race to find Wonder Woman before Max finds her first. Along the way, Power Girl, Batman and one more former-JLI member will join the team – but will their combined efforts be enough?

Written by JUDD WINICK
Variant covers by KEVIN MAGUIRE

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  1. I wish Guy could be the other new teammate, but with War of the Green Lanterns kicking off this week, that seems unlikely.

  2. I’ve been reading this digitally.  I really like seeing these characters.  This is definitely a party I don’t want to end!

  3. Just caught up and fell in love with this series all over again. Sad to see it go.

  4. @CaseyJustice  –this isn’t the last issue or is it?

  5. @wallythegreenmonster:  no, 26 is the last issue so we’re getting close to the end.

  6. @Malecema:  I think we’re only getting 24 issues.  It was originallly announced as a 26 issue series, but they changed it to 24.  The last issue is double-sized, however.

  7. Last issue claimed they knew Max’s plan. I hope they let us in on it.

  8. Always my most anticipated book when it comes out.

  9. I love this book, LOVE IT!

  10. @Malecema –thats what i thought. I’m ready for it to end…in a good way. 

  11. I’m just waiting for someone, ANYONE, to slap Max Lord…Hard

  12. Yes, slap Max hard. With a tractor trailer, perhaps? Or maybe a rolled up spool of razor wire.

    Yes, a good slap is what he needs.

  13. 24 issues!?!  A) when did that happen B) Now I’m even sadder because it’s even closer to the end than I thought.

  14. @Marlecema About 3-5 months agao.

  15. Boggles the mind. Batman confidential hung around like some dude who wandered into the wrong party, but this awesomeness ends after 24 issues. DC. WTF is wrong with you?
    JLIGL is amazing. There’s very few books out that have dialog like this. Great issue. I like the way they’re tying into to other DC books like (spoilers) Wonder Woman and Powergirl. It’s everything the dreadful JLA is not.

  16. Wow. Any criticisms I’ve had of this book (though still valid) were forgotten from the first page. Incredibly potent character moments (including the biggest “Fuck Yeah” moment I’ve read in a long while), exciting twists, fantastically utilized guest stars, thick, creamy continuity and an ending that has me cursing the 14 days between issues. Get this team on JLA yesterday!

  17. Oh, and is it just me, or did this book step up it’s art game in a big way this issue? Has Dagnino been on this book the entire time? Something just seemed more on-point about this issue. Incredible.

  18. @brassai2003: JLGL isn’t being cancelled. Its run was shortened a little bit (which I’m sad about mostly because it makes the few of filler issues so much more annoying), but it was always meant to be a limited series.

    That said, should it spin off into an ongoing? Hells yeah. Issue 21 was one of the series’ best, and I’d love to see Winnick be able to do more character-interaction stuff with this team.

  19. I am kind of annoyed that Batman has swooped in and taken leadership of the JLI, but on the whole I love this issue. I totally didn’t expect that they would actually find Wonder Woman and she would join the fight. I knew the OMACs were coming, it was kind of obvious with Max building them after all, but I still loved the reveal.

    I kind of like the limited series with over twenty issues. I don’t have to dread a creative team change. (Unless JMS is the writer, but then I’ll be looking forward to the change.)

    If I had the money I would try to buy that page with the Wonder Woman splash and Batman and Booster at the bottom. I don’t even care that she’s in the little Jacket.

  20. The only copy left at my LCS was the variant. I don’t buy variants because I don’t like spending money, but I simply could not wait to read this. Oh well, it’s a very pretty Maguire cover at least.

  21. HELL YEAH!! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST PRODUCTS FROM DC RIGHT NOW!! I agree they seem to be nuts to drop this title and with all of the response I have seen I agree I think they will go to an ongoing title. At least I hope so! Love the artwork since day one love the indside stories and character development! This is the only book with a real feel even for super heros

  22. @Minion  But Batman WAS the leader of the JLI.

  23. what a fun issue. Totally rekindled the fun for me that had been kinda slowing down over the last few issues for me. There were some really funny panels in this. Looks like we are up for a big finish. 

    @CaseyJustice  –totally agree on the art. I was really impressed. In the past it had been average at best. There was one or two panels that were awkward looking, but overall i thought that it was much improved art.  

  24. @conor He was always more of a disapproving parent than a standard team leader. If this was JLI Classic, it would make sense for him to come in and take control of everything, because that team was sort of out of control. Nowadays, when everybody’s been acting like responsible adults for the whole series, having Batman just immediately resume leadership feels cheap, like Winnick is saying “These guys you’ve been following around for 21 issues? Yeah, they were fine when the plot mostly involved running around being clueless, but now that we need to have real plot movement, it’s time to bring in the grown-ups.”

  25. This book was THE top of my stack this week and what an adrenaline rush.  Not from the action scenes, there weren’t much, if any… but just from the sheer joy over our heroes after seeing Blue Beetle return….that alone had me pumped up through the rest of the story and even overshadowed seeing Batman turn up here.  My only complaint is the same as whats been mentioned here.  I dont really WANT Batman taking over.  We just had the entire team throw their support behind Booster last issue.  It was the emotional turning point that that character has been needing for the entire series.   The other heroes all recognized it was Booster’s time and he was doing it well…and now…here’s Batman turning up.  While I’m sure Booster would be the first to turn it over to Batman….it would have been nice to see Booster finish out the mini as leader.

  26. Hail hail the gangs all hear!! I finished my stack from being 4 weeks behind last night. And let me say I always save my favorite books to read last.
    This was second from the bottom only to the Eclipso/Doomsday JLA.
    Batman should pose no threat to Booster since it is not hard to tell who everyone is looking to and Batman is not stupid. I think he will follow in line from the shadows and help them as needed. I love this book can’t wait for the next one!!

  27. If DC was smart they would continue this series. I know that I don’t want to see it end. 

  28. This is my favorite brightest day tie in. I think its even better than brightest day itself

  29. MosDef best story of Brightest Day, love this book! Wish it would keep going, Please DC!!

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