DC’s biweekly JUSTICE LEAGUE event continues!

In issue #19, Justice League International is finally joined by Power Girl! But even with their combined strength, will they be able to track Maxwell Lord down in time to save Blue Beetle?

Written by JUDD WINICK
Variant Covers by KEVIN MAGUIRE

Price: $2.99
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  1. This series would be amazing even if it was just the covers.

  2. Yeah, my pick for COTW, for sure.

  3. That cover is like a kick inthe groin. A beautiful, beautiful kick in the groin.

  4. brilliant

  5. If Max Lord kills Jamie Reyes, I will #%$* a brick!  

  6. My mind boggles at what exactly you will do to that poor brick. Sure, I know the traditional saying, but if you were really upset… Well, laws of physics could be broken.

  7. @ctrosejr  If they kill Jamie, I will be extremely mad at DC!


  8. this had better be a fake out.

  9. Nice shot.

  10. very nice graphic cover. Beautiful abstraction. Do you see artists and colorists….you don’t need crappy gradients and cheesy effects all the time to make an impact!

  11. I have conflicting feelings about this book as a whole, but holy crap, the covers have been consistently amazing.

    Also, Jaime is (a) a legacy character, and (b) a former Teen Titan. Thus, I am going into this issue convinved that he’s gonna die.

  12. Killig a character that Geoff Johns wants to star in a tv series doesn’t make much sense to me. Then again, a lot of the decision making at the big 2 doesn’t make much sense to me, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    I know there are some vocal Ted Kord fans out there. If Jaime dies and they bring back Ted, would that be a worthy trade?

  13. its just a flesh wound…

  14. @Rustyautoparts  I’m not a hardcore Ted fan, but to me, killing Jaime and then replacing him with Ted would be worse than just killing him. This isn’t a Ryan Choi situation (where a new character is killed specifically to make way for his predecessor), but if Ted comes back in the next year or so, I’ll still feel like Jaime’s death wasn’t motivated by dramatic necessity so much as a desire to go back to the silver/bronze age status quo. Assuming he actually dies, of course.

    Optimally, Jaime would live and Ted would come back. That would be tricky, name-wise, but Ted and Jaime are different enough that the DCU could easily contain both of them without them stepping on each other’s toes.

  15. I’m guessing this might be a misleading cover. maybe max will kill the scarab or something like that

  16. @sakuuya  I agree. I’d love a DCU that could support Kaime and Ted. It’s not like DC has any duplicate named heroes running around already… Whatever happens, I don’t want to see Jaime go. He’s been really cool in this series.

  17. This was, once again, amazing! It got a little repetitive to see lasers hitting Max Lord’s little shield without him having to put forth much effort at all, but I loved the issue.

  18. I don’t think he’ll stay dead. If they wanted this to be a big reveal and a huge moment in this book I doubt they would have put it on the cover. 

  19. It’s a feint, I’m sure, but this issue only confirms some of the problems that I’ve been having with this book for a while. The pacing is really outta whack, with zero plot movement for 18 issues, then suddenly a huge death. What bugs me, though, is that they’ve never delivered on the stakes. Max keeps saying cryptic stuff about killing Wonder Woman, but we still have no idea what his plan is, and therefor all of this fighting and running about is kinda empty. We still don’t know what our heroes are fighting for. Similar problem I have with Brightest Day.

    That doesn’t stop this issue, like all the others before it, from being very very good.

  20. @CaseyJustice: zero plot movement in 18 issues?!  That’s a bit much, don’t you think?

    My only complaint is that Ice’s costume changed for the 3rd time in the last 3 issues and I can’t figure out how or why. 

  21. @CaseyJustice  Max can’t plan anything to kill Wonder Woman because she disappeared from existence. They dealt with this a few issues ago. What are the heroes fighting for? They’re trying to stop Max.

  22. @CaseyJustice  I also have to respectfully disagree.  I like the pacing of this book.  The first couple issues were “getting the band together”, and since then, they have been suffering defeat after defeat because, frankly, they’re out matched.   They have been playing the game on Max’s terms, and he’s out manuvered them at every turn.  If you think back to where we started, a lot has happened, just very little of it positive for our heroes.  

  23. @CaseyJustice  –why are you spending money on a comic that you’ve hated for 18 issues? Zero plot movement? C’mon…try reading instead of skimming or something. I think you’ve missed lots of stuff.

  24. @wallythegreenmonster – I never said I hated it. In fact, I said that it’s been very, very good. Just starting to feel the length, and feeling like not much has happened. Also, why would I only skim a comic I paid for? That doesn’t seem like a sound financial choice.

    As for the rest, sorry I didn’t say so in the other post, but this is just my opinion. Maybe I’ve missed it somewhere along the way, but I still don’t know what Max is trying to do, or what is at stake in this story. The characterization is fantastic, however, and I have full faith that Winick will pull it together in the end. Didn’t mean to make negativity too damn high.

  25. @CaseyJustice  –i realized my comment came off snarkier than i meant it to. When i read your statement of “Zero plot movement for 18 issues” i had to wonder if you were actually reading this thing closely, because i feel that lots of happened and that the story is moving along pretty well. I think its moving better than then main Brightest Day book. I guess for me if i felt something wasn’t moving for 18 issues i wouldn’t like it at

    I think this story is really Max Lord’s tale and we won’t find out till the very end what his endgame is. Don’t forget, he does have a white lantern mission. 

  26. @wallythegreenmonster – True, true. I think that I, also, was a bit too quick to judge. The series does have a few issues left. I just finished the issue before this one and thought “Ok, they are in exactly the same position they’ve been in for most of the series.”

    The thing that works for me about the series is the characterization. I really love this whole team, I love the feeling of history between them, and Max is a perfect villain. I’m just a bit frustrated with the pacing, is all.

    Also, didn’t Max complete his white lantern mission? Kill Magog?

  27. @conor – Yeah, but stop Max from… What? I get that they don’t need to know his master plan to know that they need to stop him, but at this point in the series I feel like there really need to be some stakes involved with their battle against Max.

  28. @CaseyJustice  Stop him from doing the evil stuff that he does. He’s a bad guy who killed one of their best friends who has been unleashed back on the world (who doesn’t remember him(. They’re trying to bring him to justice.

  29. @conor – Fair enough, and I think that’s definitely enough motivation for the heroes to go after Max, no question. I’m just saying that, for me, since so much of the story is focused on Max’s sceme and the intricate details of his machinations, I wish that we understood what the point was at this juncture, so deep in the third act. I wish I wanted to pick up the next issue for the plot and the characters, rather than just the characters.

    I’m realizing that it’s just me, though, and as I’ve been arguing like a dink on this page for nearly a week, I think I’ll let it go now.

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