The Justice Leagues continues to fracture as the murder of a hero is solved—and the line between justice and vengeance blurs as they head off to find those responsible!

Story by Jeff Lemire
Art by MIkel Janin
Colors by Jeromy Cox
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover by Doug Mahnke, Alex Sinclair, Mikel Janin, Vicente Cifuentes, & Tomeu Morey

Price: $3.99
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  1. “This week in the Trinity War….. heroes mull about trying to figure out if Superman really is a killer and why people call this skull a “box” when it’s not really a box, it’s a fucking skull.”

  2. While I’ve taken a break on the books I don’t buy regularly, I do like reading these just to see my fave characters interact with the rest of the DCU.

    • That is a good point mr. ckent – it is kinda cool to see the DCU heroes mulling about trying to figure out if Superman really is a killer. 😉

      Seriously though, at this point in the “WAR” seeing fave characters interact with the rest of the DCU is the only redeeming quality.

    • oh that and the artwork of Mikel Janin has been dope!

  3. I’ve enjoyed Trinity War but i’m dropping JLD after this issue. price change + writer change = bye bye.

  4. I’ve mentioned this before in past comments concerning JLD but it bares repeating – I really wish this book would take on more of the feel of “Night Force” – the one from the 80’s and not the 2012 one.

    Night Force was the best supernatural team book ever. Creators Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan were able to walk that line between a horror book and superhero comic, something that fails more then it succeeds. Lasting only 14 issues this series is worth hunting down – and hey, it’s always worth hunting down Gene Golan art!

    Here’s hoping Dematis takes a page from this classic comic.

  5. I was told by the (new) guy at my LCS that this doesn’t come out today, but 9/4. And yet I see it solicitted everywhere. Can anyone verfiy this? I’m pretty sure I’ve been lied to.

  6. Aaaand I was right :-). About the box being a gateway, at least. I’m sure we will learn next issue that its a gateway to an “earth 3” like world where everyone is evil. This is where our new leader of the secret society, Alfred “outsider” Pennyworth comes from. Wouldn’t be surprised if he traps the heroes in that world and that’s basically what Forever Evil is all about.

    • Like their Earth 1 and Earth 3 counterparts swapped places? That’d be cool and interesting I think! We’ll just have to wait and see! 😉

      And why do you think Alfred Pennyworth is the identity of the Outsider? Has it been hinted at somewhere? Just want to see if I missed something someplace while reading! 😉

  7. Stargirl has lines in this issue!!!

  8. Ive really enjoyed this event so far. Looking forward to justice league next week.

  9. God I hate all these damn crossovers. I can sum up this issue pretty quickly: everyone in the DC Universe shows up and fights each other over a box. Wish this book could get back to focusing on just the main characters instead of all this bullshit.

  10. Basically all this story has amounted to is all of the justice league members arguing and changing sides every ten seconds and then everyone playing keep away with the skull thing.

    What a terrible story. Probably one of the worst stories I have read in comics in a long time.

  11. Will be dropping soon. Love the art — like most of the characters that have been featured, but would like to see the Enchantress return. But I’ve never liked Constantine — and I think the book would be better if it had that Night Force element discussed above. It’s a little too super hero-y and the bickering gets old fast.

  12. How did we go from one of the best DC events in years (Throne of Atlantis) to one of the worst in only a few months?

  13. Well I’m loving Trinity War so far. Next weeks Justice League is going to be mental. And I can’t wait for Forever Evil. My first DC line wide event.

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