Trinity War concludes! But that doesn’t mean all ends well for our heroes. The secret behind Pandora’s Box is revealed and it means the end of the Justice Leagues!

Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Cover by Doug Mahnke, Mikel Janin, & Doug Mahnke

Price: $3.99
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  1. yawn… is it over yet?

    • You should just keep buying it even though you don’t like it.

      That’s the smart thing to do, right?

    • Hey scorpion, yeah yeah I know, but I do like Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire and Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke and and and…

      I was just hoping this War would get better – it never did.

    • Well thanks for coming here and trying to rain on the parades of anybody who’s enjoying this.

    • Yeah it’s weird. I thought this story was going to be completely different than what it ended up being. I’m trying to enjoy it for what it is, but I was expecting something…different.

      When they teased Trinity War last year I thought it was going to be Pandora, The Phantom Stranger, and The Question all going at each other with the Justice League caught in the middle. I thought Pandora’s role in Flashpoint was going to be revealed. Because seriously, what was she doing in Flashpoint???

      I am still holding out hope that this final issue addresses this and offers some exciting, unexpected things.

    • Same here. I was under the impression that this series would have been something else entirely. I don’t hate it, but I don’t find it to be utterly awesome neither. But maybe this last issue will redeem him and elevate the story a bit.

      At the moment I feel this is just the entrée and Forever Evil will be the main course.

    • Hey BCDX97, you ever go see a movie with friends, then afterwards you all go out and talk about the movie and some of your friends liked it and some of your friends didn’t and you guys debated the movie and had a good time doing it?

      Same thing here – I’m not trying to rain on your parade man, quite the contrary, I’m trying to stir you up to “debate” and have a good time.

      Just like a movie I paid to see that didn’t live up to the hype, I feel Trinity War falls into that category. I went in hoping for Jurassic Park and got Carnosaur instead (okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad =) )

      At any rate, don’t take my comments personal son, taking shit is half the reason we do this man. =)

    • “Talking” not “Taking” (although I suppose taking shit works too)

    • I don’t know why people take every disagreement on the internet as a personal affront. Maybe people are so enamored in their tiny bubbles…

    • Speculation on the ending: DC has already told us that Forever Evil deal with Crime Syndicate(http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130810004832/supermanrebirth/images/thumb/9/93/Forever_Evil_Poster.jpg/621px-Forever_Evil_Poster.jpg) coming over from Earth-3 to Earth-0/New Earth and I think their is little doubt that the Outsider is Derfla* from Earth-3. I think Earth-3 is destroyed and the Crime Syndicate is dead, Derfla thelast survivor . The Pandora’s Box is a conduit for the CS, it will be used to take over the Justice league and turn them into the Crime Syndicate.

    • When will the ifanboy comment system will be fixed, I can only reply to this thread it seems.

    • I haven’t experienced any glitches with the comment function.

    • We all get passionate from time to time middl900, specially when someone talks shit about something we like. I get it, and I’m just as guilty as the next guy of getting butthurt, but I do try and instill my cutting comments with some lighthearteness and a wink 😉

      In regards to your speculation about the ending, man I’ve never seen an event comic be so “spoiled”, by the company putting it out no less, more then Trinity War. Also, I’m not really looking forward to this whole “Villains taking over the comics I read for a whole month thing happening after war ends.

      let’s see, is there anything else I can’t stand about the comics I spend my hard earned cash on?

    • I think this is DC’s AoU, its just to make way for new Status Quo shifts and set up the next event(s). Hey, it worked for Marvel right?

      My clerk at my LCS was complaining about Villians Month. He said it was DC again doing something nobody asked for. I didn’t tell him this, but shouldn’t we at least thank DC for that? No, not the final product but the idea. Its something new that nobody (as far as I can tell) thought of before. The Villains take over the DC Universe. Should be more interesting than the whole “Final Crisis” thing. I mean has Marvel really surprised us (in a good way) recently with a Status Quo shift in their Universe?

      That’s just my 2 cents, everyone feel free to sh*t on me for it 😉 .

    • @KILLTheG1mp
      The entree IS the main course.
      Perhaps “appetizer” or “amuse-bouche” would have been a more appropriate term for your metaphor. 😉

    • It IS amuseing.

    • @sitara119: My mother tongue is french and here for us, “entrée” is an appetizer. Like let’s say you go to the restaurant and ask for a caesar salad before your steak, the salad is the entrée, the steak the main course. ;p

    • @ithosapien your local comic shop may have a bigger problem with Villans month as could be articulated by the two links below from the excellent Brian Hibbs. I knew I’m skipping pretty much all non Vertigo titles that month even before I read this



    • @KillTheG1mp
      Ah, French rules. In that case you’re absolutely right and I stand corrected. As a self proclaimed cosmopolite, I should remember that American standards don’t apply everwhere (just don’t tell the American military-industrial complex 😉 ) and that Americans have a habit of bastardizing languages and traditions. We are the Melting Pot. In America, entree is the main course.

      I almost used the term cosmopolitan in place of cosmopolite, but I didn’t want someone from some other corner of the globe to think I was declaring what a fruity cocktail I am. 😛

    • @phess1, well; I have a small amount of egg on my face. I wasn’t around for “Faces of Evil’ but I do remember Joker’s Asylum. I bought the Riddler issue, and actually really enjoyed it. I didn’t buy the others because I had no prior knowledge of it, and Riddler is just my favorite. Mr.Freeze? Clock King (Im a huge TAS fan.)? Those I would’ve bought but I don’t think they made those. I did read the TPBs for both volumes and found it mixed, with a fair few gems in each.

      My LCS gets shorted on orders all the time. Seriously, all the time from every body. So, I’m gonna keep with my plan; I’m for sure gonna grab a few just on the creators or teams, and the rest is a possiblity based on individual quality. All I can say for sure is that my LCS will either get a boon or will have 5 or 6 copies of each book. I may call ahead and tell them what books I for sure want (Flash and Dial H).

      I sincerely hope, @phess1, that when Marvel pulls a stunt like this next year you’re not gonna fall for that. Even though I’m predicting it will make more money and be more well received.

    • @IthoSapien
      Didn’t Clock King make an appearance in Teen Titans recently. I didn’t read it, but have wondered if it was worth picking up due to my love for TAS’s version of the character and to see how the New 52’s incarnation contrasted with my idealized version. The New 52 has already killed my beloved TAS Mr Freeze. I don’t know if my heart can handle another bumbling of character profile. 😉

    • @sitara119: Well now you can impress the ladies by telling them they were wrong all this time about the real meaning of entrée! ;p (assuming you are indeed a man, if not, switch ladies for gentlemen, ah the joys of unisex usernames on the internet!)

      P.S.: And I know you americans tend to bastardize different languages, you can’t even start to imagine the number of times we roll our eyes at your ignorance and mispronunciation or words in french. Just cause you guys think it’s hip haha! :p

    • Well Sitara is from New Orleans so he may have picked up a few french words from French Creole. I still remember my last visit to Paris fondly. A city where almost everyone understands English, pretended they do not and then gave me the “stop pestering me English speaking fool” expression. Oh it’s like heaven.

    • @ithosapien If and when Marvel does do this I look forward to skipping that as well and saving my $$.

    • @Phess1, that’s what I was hoping you would say. Im gonna hold you to it, if and when Marvel pulls something similar. Which I don’t think is too far off, how long did Marvel NOW! start after the New 52?

    • @ithosapien: Probably one year but I would add the caveat that The New 52 and Marvel Now are inherently different being that DC did a line wide reboot where the timeline was essentially compressed to five years where as Marvel more or less used Marvel Now as a way to switch creators on books and didn’t do it with every book on there line. DC pretty much shifted there status quo of there superhero line where as Marvel really just used it as a way to change creators and sell more books. I mean the New 52 did that for DC as well but compressing the timeline and giving almost all the books a uniform style was the biggest change from my perspective. That kind of makes it much easier to do line wide initiatives like villains month since there all so similar. I think Marvel’s solution seems to more going the way of “EVENTS” ala Age of Ultron, Infinity, Battle of the Atom, Inhumanity, Catalcysm which doesn’t necessarily effect the entire line. Was nice to have that with AOU and get a skip month out of Avengers Assemble, Uncanny Avengers and Wolverine and the X-Men. So off topic but I was playing with this idea in my head what if DC divided up there Superhero lines into four categories and had one of there top writers handle the overall direction of how those comics would go. Geoff Johns would have the straight up Superhero side with Superman, Justice League, Flash ect, Grant Morrsion would do space cosmic shit ala Green Lantern. Storm Watch Scott Snyder would be doing dark crime/horror ala Batman and the many Gotham City affiliates (maybe just Batman affiliates. Could that make up a fourth of the superhero line?) and Lemire doing the weird offbeat stuff ala Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Constantine, Frankenstein ect. The writers wouldn’t necessarily be writing all of the titles but they would pick a group of writers to work on the books with them. This way DC still gets consistency on there books without them feeling homogeneous, writers and creators can get back to driving the plot lines from there shitty editors, all the books would have creators on them that fit the properties (for my taste at least) and it replaces the bureaucratic corporate structure (a style that is slowly being fazed out of almost all of corporate america) into an environment where creators are working with other creators ala Microsoft pre Dot.Com bubble crash, Google or something else like that. Oh and get rid of Bob Harras. Maybe send him to the Phantom Zone. Thoughts?

    • @iroberts007
      Good memory. It’s been a long time. Cops finally run ya down and throw you in a hole, convict. 😉

      A Frenchman rolling his eyes at Americans? Get outa here. Next you’ll be telling me that you guys like to chain smoke with a bottle of wine, a baguette and some cheese. 😉

    • We need comics to be like Trinity War sometimes (occasionally, well rarely really), or else we wouldn’t have this entertaining thread to read.

    • @sitara119: I’m not a Frenchman haha, I’m a Quebeccer, or if you prefer a french Canadian (though I see myself as a Quebeccer first, a Canadian afterwards) so don’t insult me with chain smoking, wine, baguettes and cheese haha! At least say we’re drunks and we eat poutine a shit lot, that’d be more accurate! ;P

      So, as your official neighbor from the north. Yes, I do roll eyes at Americans! 😉

    • 🙂

    • I had to google poutine and it sounds like Canadian stoner fries. Just needs a little sour cream and bacon. And I mean REAL bacon. Not ham that’s labeled as bacon. 😀

    • @Sitara119, no clue. It’s been awhile since I’ve even touched a Teen Titans comic. It’s weird, I love the shows but rarely get excited about the comics.

      @Phess1, I would argue that New 52 and Marvel NOW! were the same thing with different means and results. But that’s
      Irrelevant. I remember when the New 52 was divided up in to the Dark, the Light, the Edge, was there a fourth? I don’t know if those still exist right now. I like your proposal in theory; except I can’t see Morrison handling the cosmic stuff very well. I could be wrong, but I don’t think he’s ever written GL or shown much interest in that part of the DCU. There’s a reason DC uses Geoff Johns like Marvel uses Brian Bendis; they’ve got the stuff. I don’t know what else to call it; they understand the characters, theyre capable writers, and they seem to know good business sense (or at least make money). I don’t know that Morrison, Snyder, and Lemire can just be treated like Johns, or that they would even want all that responsibility you’re suggesting. Make no mistake, I like your proposal, and I like those creators, and I want DC to succeed. I just feel like there’s other factors to consider. To be sure, Snyder and Lemire will grow to be big at DC and will eventually grow into roles reflecting that (this is just my opinion, what I’m predicting based on what I know) but I don’t know if they’re “there” yet. How long did Hickman work at Marvel before he got handed the reins? Remender before he got the Captain? I think both companies need new blood though, guys with new ideas and ways to push the business forward. In fact if I were you I’d keep an eye on Venditti, he could be the next Snyder. Also, if Snyder, Johns, Morrison, and Lemire are running the 4 corners of the DCU; that would require a ton of newbies in there. Or other established talent coming/returning to DC.

      I have no love for Bob Harris, drop him. The thing is, the stuff I’ve seen thus far and described in “Marvel Comics: the Untold Story” sounds like the stuff Jim Shooter was pushing at Marvel. So did him and Harris work close together or something? What’s up with that? But if Harris goes, someone needs to come in to replace him. Maybe another Janette Kahn, someone who would push the comics to new markets, readers, media. DC characters need WAAAAYYYY more exposure, that should be their number one priority right now. But that’s just my 2 cents.

    • Ha! sitara. Don’t get me started on cops. There are a few of them hanging around here.

    • @ithosapien: From what I remember from the Untold Story Harras (is it Harris. I don’t feel like looking it up now) was in charge of Marvel in the mid to late 90’s when everything went to shit and the eventually went bankrupt. I see a lot of what’s happening in the New 52 being parallel with what was happening at Marvel during that time. He’s pretty much useless outside of being a corporate stooge as far as I can tell. As for Morrison I actually thought cosmic would be a good fit for him for two reasons. One is that it’s pretty much the only corner of the DC universe that he hasn’t touched yet and based on everything else he’s done with say Batman, Justice League, Superman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing ect I think it would be really cool to see what he would do in that space (no pun intended). The other is if you’ve ever listened to one of his episodes on Fatman on Batman Morrison actually goes pretty in depth on this weird quasi cosmic spiritual experience he had that ended up being the inspiration for The Invisibles that could be explored in a different way with the Green Lantern Universe. I lot of it comes down to everything in existence being a product of one single cell or something. I don’t remember exactly but applying that type of logic to Green Lantern in space might be a new twist that could work. As for Snyder and Lemire I think they have been doing work via Vertigo for about as long as Remender and Hickman have been at Marvel (09ish I believe) but I mean seriously what they are doing at DC is heads and shoulders above what a lot of the older writers are doing there. I say why not. I mean you talk about Johns and Bendis but sales wise Snyder is right there with those guys. Superman Unchained and Batman have both been top ten books month to month since they started. Also Vendetti; I tried him on XO Manawar and wasn’t really into it but I would like to see more Can I start at his run on Green Lantern and get everything? Would you recommend anything else he’s done like The Surrogates or any other creator owned work?

    • @sitara119: Bacon poutine exists and it is delicious! 😉 If you ever come to Montreal, you have to try one out at La Banquise. Best poutine restaurant in the world haha!

    • @Phess1, yeah that right there is what I’m talking about. “MC:TUS” said Shooter was the one who wanted the rebooted Universe and all this stuff. Harris is mentioned for any of that, so why is he blamed/credited with it? Do people just like Jim Shooter (I have no animosity towards him, but he sounds like a jerk) or am I wrong and Harris deserves his reputation?

      I don’t know about Morrison and GL. If he hasn’t touched it yet I can only guess its because he doesn’t want to. I think he likes the reality altering/Multiverse shattering stories. Space is too small for him, I guess. But if he did write GL, I can only imagine the reception would be mixed. I like parts of his Batman run, and the ideas used; but I haven’t finished it and feel little reason to. His Action Comics I found disappointing (I only read Vol.1). But if I’m the .00001% that feels that way then sure, let Morrison do GL. I agree with you about Snyder and Lemire with Vertigo, they have put in their time there. I only read 2 issues of Unchained, but based on what I’m seeing on the forums people are pretty unimpressed by it. If it sells it sells but I can’t say its deserved right now.

      Venditti is great. Read the Surrogates, it is a million times better than the movie and was a big selling point on picking up GL with Venditti. He’s only 2 issues into GL I think, starting at 21(?). Its good though. I remember both of them being pretty good at reverbing what happened in the last issue, but then I was reading those too so I’m not sure. It shouldn’t be hard to pick up 21 and 22 though to catch up. I recommend picking up GL Corps too (which Venditti is cowriting). In fact I think Venditti might be in charge of the GL corner right now, or every one is colaberating on it to plan stories. So maybe you just predicted DC’s new business model. But I also tried X-O Manowar with the FCBD issue and wasn’t really wowed by it either. Quantum and Woody is the first Valient series thats actually made me want to buy it.

    • @KillTheG1mp
      Will do.
      It’s been educational. 🙂

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Flashpoint ended with Pandora telling Barry that the universe was split into three universes to weaken them for an impending threat, but that those universes must now be merged to combat it. So I was under the impression that she herself reunited the 3 universes. At the end of Flashpoint they are in the new 52 universe and Barry gives Bruce Thomas’s letter. Barry remembers the Flashpoint universe, and I assume he remembers the original universe as well.

    But when the new52 officially kicked off Barry seems to have no recollection of the original universe or the flashpoint universe. Pandora showed up in every single #1 after merging these universes together, so we were being lead to believe that she was some sort of all powerful deity figure. It wasn’t until much later that DC revealed that she was just a girl who opened Pandora’s box and she was cursed to live forever with herself. I still have no idea how she was able to merge universes or what impending threat she merged universes to combat. Merging universes doesn’t sound like an easy feat, but as far as I am aware the writers haven’t explained how Pandora was able to do that.

    Maybe the impending threat is Forever Evil? What do you guys think?

    • I think DC just doesn’t know what they are doing anymore.

    • It’s clear DC is just making this shit up as they go.

    • Like I mentionned above, Trinity War feels like it’s just a prelude to Forever Evil. But I admit that the Pandora part feels pretty pointless compared to what was hinted at during the launch of the New 52.

    • “It’s clear DC is just making this shit up as they go.” — and it started before Flashpoint. If you look back to the original teasers for Flashpoint (in Flash #1), the images they show suggest a very different story. And, if you happened to have read the Magog series (which was surprisingly pretty good), there was consistent referencing to earth as “The Flashpoint.” But of course, all that got thrown out the window to make way for the New52.

    • Flashpoint was never originally conceived to facilitate the complete reboot and erasing of 70+ years of storylines. The New 52 was a quick and drastic editorial mandate from the top down, and DC was forced to shoehorn an explanation into their pre-existing event, because hey better than nothing right? The problem is that Flashpoint was never meant for this and just wasn’t equipped to satisfyingly explain the change. So what we got was a two page thread with a new mystery character, a bunch of cryptic non-sense (that we now know never paid off), and the new character Easter egging in every first issue (a truly transparent sales stunt as we now know it served no story and makes no sense).
      The new 52 really bothered me because it felt like DC panicking and throwing the baby out with the bath water. Now we have a new universe that’s, lets face it, just as “confusing” to new readers as the old one, and a five year conceit that actually hinders good storylines instead of enhancing them (I’m thinking specifically about the Bat books here)

    • I loved the ending, my only problem with what I’m seeing lately is a lack of “new”. Although I loved who stepped out of Pandora’s Box, I wish we were seeing new ideas and new villains.

    • @JokersNuts, you say the New 52 was an editorial mandate. Do you know why? What the purpose was behind it, or what brought on the decision (besides low sales and all the other stuff we’ve all heard already from DC)? I’m being sincere, I would like to know if you have any more information.

      @Deepspacesamurai, I agree with your sentiment. I don’t feel like DC and Marvel are really doing much in the way of new villains and barely fresh storylines. I mean I’m still enjoying my DC books but still; this is still the NEW 52 right? That said, DC has used new villains already in their various series; the Trench creatures in Aquaman, the Court of Owls in Batman, Ex Nihelo and the Operators in Dial H, Mob Rule in the Flash, the Dollmaker in Detective Comics, just to name a few. I’m pretty sure alot of those villains are new.

    • More and more it seems that DC is taking the “Hey look at this! Shiny!” approach to dealing with their fans.

  3. Justice League has the worst logo ever. It makes the Trinity War logo look good next to it.

  4. I’ve been a big fan of Geoff Johns but this has easily been the worst thing he’s ever written. I’ve been reading everything he does since he came on JSA in the early issues but he seems to be floundering in the Nu52. Without his favourite crutch of legacy to lean on he seems to be a bit adrift. Sad to say but I’m close to dropping his books.

    • No the worst thing with his name on it has to be the first arc of this Justice League. That is the first time I had a so bad it’s good feeling.

    • I’m not a johns hater, I like a real lot of his stuff. But that first justice league arc was just awful, I mean truly terrible. But hey, can’t like them all I guess. Just hope Darkseid gets a rehabilitation after that utter butchering of his character.

  5. Judging from these comments, I’d say the minority is shining on our rain parade.

    I admit I’m among those that gets this in their weekly pull bin and just continues to swallow it in hopes that the next story is more entertaining. Although given my complete lack of interest in Forever Evil, the next stop may very well be Dropsville.

  6. Buh-bye, now. Completely unsatisfying. Droping JL, JLA, and JLD. Btw – someone needs to get DC editorial a dictionary. “Trinity” refers to a GROUP of Three, not just the number three.

  7. Nope nothing clever like that. The only thing about it was the dig against the Peter David Aquaman, which everyone loves and prefers over Johns version, it seems.

  8. Wow. So pretty much everyone hates this book except for a select group including myself.
    I don’t know if we’re idiots or just unique. 😉

  9. This ending saved the story for me. It was actually exciting and full of twists (Evil Alfred? lol) Not bad, but I expect better from Justice League.

    • The ending made the entire event nothing but foreshadowing for another event. Ugh.

    • I started out pretty meh on this, but I thought it was improving as it went. This issue was the best of the story and really was exciting and full of twists. I didn’t mind that it sets up another event – hell, this is comics, that happens all the damn time, even at Marvel.

  10. Every detail, I called this ending in every detail. I’ve been saying it for weeks (months?) now. Alfred, gateway, earth 3, crime syndicate. Even the bit with the atom. (Although not the method, which was a bit of identity crisis throwback)

    Sorry I just have to pat myself on the back a few times, because really, it felt so incredibly obvious and no one else seemed to be saying it.

    Ok I’m done.

  11. Oh come on now. I would have been thrilled if there had been a link at the end that showed how or what Pandora had to do with the whole Flashpoint event that led to the New 52 and gave some nod to the old continuity having existed. Instead we get a poor man’s Mirror Universe retread and we suddenly discredit the whole magical/mythological implications of Pandora’s box and go the “advanced science” route. AAARGHHH!

    • Yeah, I didn’t hate the ending, but it seemed abrupt and just slapping things on. And while the Crime Syndicate can be fun…this soon into the new 52, it seems rather a bit of a re-hash.

  12. I liked this, bombastic & crazy:)

  13. This story could have really just been part 1 and part 6.

  14. I really wanted to like this, but even I noticed the plotholes!!!

    1) If the box is an advanced technology that can only be opened by someone from that universe, then how was Pandora able to open it in the first place to unleash the first evils into the world???

    2) Why didn’t the first evils ever think to use the box to create a doorway between worlds during the thousands of years that they were on earth/hung around pandora?

    Outstanding Questions
    1) How did Pandora create the New 52 Universe?

    My Questions
    1) Why were the Phantom Stranger and The Question in this event at all? Their involvement was almost entirely insignificant

    2) Where is Ray Palmer?

    3) Where is anyone from Justice League International?

    4) Where is Brother Eye? I was almost expecting it to be him to be the one overtaking Cyborg’s suit.

    5) Why did Pandora think only a perfectly good or perfectly evil person can open the box? That bit of information she kept spouting was way off. She is ignorant.

    6) The teaser for Forever Evil says that the Justice League is dead, but the only one on death row right now is Cyborg (and possibly Superman). Is the Justice League death going to happen in Forever Evil?

    That’s all I can think of right now, but I swear I thought of some more plot holes last night.

    • I really enjoyed this issue but I also found a lot of flaws in it. My biggest problem came when the Outsider just waltzed in after Cyborgs robotics were ripped away, as if that was the only distraction that had happened allowing him to snag the box. That scene was awkward.

  15. There must be a connection between the ability to shrink and the making them crazy, happened to Jean Loring and now this. That was a bit of a surprise. Over all it was an okay story line, the hype killed it. I can see both sides of the it was great / it was terrible debate.

    Those are really good questions harkiamsuperman.

    @ ghostmann & sitara119 – those comments gave me a smile, I enjoy reading your posts, thanks!!

  16. I didn’t love this, but I can’t say I hated it either.

    I’ll tell ya one thing, Reis’s art sure helps it go down smoothly.

  17. Let’s face it, this Trinity War storyline has been pure crap. It’s silly and pointless… but Ivan Reis polishes this turd until it just nearly blinds me to how lousy the writing is. I think I’ve finally accepted that he is now my favorite artist.


    Okay, the character of The Outsider was awesome in his Robinson-written FLASHPOINT spinoff. And he was even pretty cool in his TRINITY WAR appearances… up until this finale. So now he’s just an Earth-3 Alfred / CSA flunky?? Well, that really sucks.

    I am also thoroughly confused by the TRINITY WAR plot-holes mentioned by @harkiamsuperman as well as many other wtf story beats thrown at us from the dawn of the New52 to now. If DC should choose to put out a post-TRINITY WAR special called “We Can’t Explain It Ourselves But Here Are At Least A Few Questions Answered” then I’d actually consider buying it. As much as I believe that this event was just as bad a shit storm as AGE OF ULTRON was, at least I only spent $24 on this versus the $40 for AoU, so even if the above-described special was priced at 5 bucks I’d still be coming out ahead.

  19. I’m one of the few that seemed to have loved this story. Yes it may of been a prelude to Forever Evil but what the last DC event was Flashpoint which was ages ago. I cannot wait for Forever Evil. Oh maybe SPOILERS but my guess for the guy with the sack on his head is the Earth 3 Lex Luthor.

    • You’re actually EXCITED by these events?

      I guess that’s refreshing. Someone has to like them. Kudos. 🙂

    • Only read two events in comics to date my first was Flashpoint which I loved, the other was Age Of Ultron which came close to putting me off events for life it was that shit. Currently enjoying Infinity and from the build up in Trinity War think I’ll enjoy Forever Evil. so yes I am EXCITED

  20. This was terrible

    • Anyone think Trinity War should have been condensed into a one month JL/JLA/JLD crossover advertised as a prelude to Forever Evil instead. Johns probably could have just used less characters from each league and maybe actually show the fall of the most powerful members from each team. I’m sure he could have reworked the skull chasing party into less panel time too.

      Also after this issue how many people are excited for Forever Evil? The crime syndicate thing interests me but as of now I’m trade waiting the event or at least waiting for reviews of the first two issues.

  21. @mrcozdude, i did not intend to comment on your comment. Feel free to respond if you like. Although I think I can guess your answer to my second question.

    • I’m actually looking forward to Forever Evil. I wasn’t until I read the last part of Trinity War. The only thing that bothers me is the $3.99 price and if the Crime Syndicate isn’t a big part of it I’ll be let down.

    • Yeah, I’m much more interested in the Crime Syndicate. I really wish we saw them actually fight the Justice League in Trinity War.

    • Looking forward to Forever Evil myself. Yes it’s $3.99 but I guarantee it’ll have some extra pages and if it’s printed on the same lovely stock as the Trinity War books where I don’t care if it don’t.