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• ”THE VILLAIN’S JOURNEY” part four!

• The team struggles to stay together as they try to combat their newest foe.

• A shocking last page that will have the world talking about this issue!

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Jim Lee & Scott Williams
Backup Art by Gary Frank
Cover by Jim Lee & Scott Williams

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 8.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Well I suppose we all now know what that last page will be about…

  2. Love that cover!!!

  3. I actually prefer Wondie and Supes over Lois. Sorry, girl. The physics of that activity work against you.

  4. So wait, this is the regular cover that people are freaking about about and selling on ebay for 25$? i thought this was supposed to be the variant cover?

  5. With everybody saying “this issue Supes and Wonder Woman get it on”, I’m curious to see if that’ll actually happen, more than a kiss. Personally, I don’t see why not, characters having sex is pretty standard stuff, for example every TV show.

    But considering the undeserved and odd uproar Batman and Catwoman having sex caused, well I would love it if Supes and Wonder Woman got it on at least as blatantly as those two did. Just imagine how much media that’d get.

    Whatever it takes to kickstart past our ancient mainstream censorship and taboo on sexuality.

  6. just like every week it comes out, this is the top of the stack. Aquaman is close, but no cigar.
    Lee and Johns! are you fuckin’ kidding me? this has been one hell of a ride and it’s a shame that it’s become so hip to bash this book just because it didn’t shatter the planet and replace the bible upon release.
    regardless, can’t wait for Wednesday.

  7. Johns has been slipping in my opinion. It will be interesting to see if all 3 of his books this week stay in the top 4.

  8. Has no one at DC comics ever saw Mallrats? They would see the reason Superman and Wonder Woman would never work.

  9. This was a really awesome issue that contained a genuine surprise. How often does that happen? Brilliant.

    Ever since reading ‘Kingdom Come’ as a kid, I’ve thought that one day Supes and Diana would get it on, (though I usually assumed that Lois would have to die first). This creates a lot of interesting options for future story lines and deepens the interpersonal complexity of the DCU.

    Jim Lee is sooo good at drawing romantic scenes (Batman & Catwoman in ‘Hush’ for example) and was the perfect artist for this moment.

    Also: ‘Mallrats’ rules.

    • Jim Lee is good at drawing hot people, and hot people making out. The new Amanda Waller is pretty disapointing, but I don’t think he is the one to redesign her into cookie cutter hourglass mode.

    • @JokersNuts: Seriously! I was legitimately annoyed when I saw Waller. She was perfectly terrible the way she was. I miss the ol’ brick house already.

    • Agreed (Re: Amanda Waller’s redesign) it is better to have more diversity in the character lineup. Amanda was a bigger Woman, a body type often cruelly (and ridiculously) ignored by comic artists. Big Women exist and sometimes comics forget that.

  10. I have a feeling one of the Panel of the Week spots is already reserved… That being said, I don’t see what the hoopla is about

  11. I’m gonna go put on my Team Trevor t-shirt 😛

  12. The best thing about this whole book was the preview of what is coming up.
    I do not like Graves and didn’t care about him and what he was trying to do at all.

    the kiss was good an I hope we get more of superman and wonder woman as a couple, as that will make for some great Stories.

  13. I’m honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed this issue. I haven’t been a huge fan of this since the relaunch. It’s hasn’t been bad, it just hasn’t done it for me. I’m having a hard time putting my finger on it, but there was something present in this issue that I found lacking in the previous ones.

    And goddamn did it look spectacular! The one thing that hasn’t disappointed is the artwork. It may be old-school, it may be dripping with sugary cheesecake, but Jim Lee delivers. As a child of the 90’s, almost every issue has pressed all the right buttons when it comes to superhero artwork. I’m gonna miss him.

  14. Forgive my ignorance, but who are the members of the justice league of america, that was shown. I recognized Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Catwoman, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern, but who are the others?

    • Steve Trevor is the dude with the flak vest and guns (US Airforce pilot/ARGUS agent). Katana is the chick with the white mask and sword (Pre-relaunch Outsiders). The cutie with the red, white, and blue is Stargirl (Pre-relaunch JSA). And the dweeb crouching on the far left is Vibe (80’s Justice League).

  15. The fight against David Graves is not the best part of the issue; the best part is what happens afterwards. Lots of character development and teasers of things to come. I’ll vote for Aquaman as leader of the team!

    Please check my mini-review of Justice League #12 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  16. Yeah, I’m surprised Aquaman ever let anyone else lead the JL team. He makes a really good argument (Batman’s talents aside) for why he should be the leader. Batman can still give tactical advice without leading everyone.

  17. This is where I jump off, they spent most of this arc building up Graves as an enemy only to quickly knock him down into the 2-dimensional bad guy routine. It feels like the arc was cut short to make way for 0 month. The woman who gives Graves a typewriter near the end reeks of “this will totally come back for another filler arc” material.

    • Agreed on some points. “they spent most of this arc building up Graves as an enemy only to quickly knock him down into the 2-dimensional bad guy routine. It feels like the arc was cut short to make way for 0 month. ”

      Wish Johns would move over and let someone else take over.

    • The woman who gives him the typewriter is Amanda Waller, leader of Suicide Squad and former member of Team 7. This is about world building.

      Overall, the issue was okay. The whole Wonder Woman/Superman thing felt hokey. So did Hal quitting and the Aquaman/Batman argument.

  18. I think this is my favorite issue of the series. I liked Graves motives for “killing” Steve and issue was full of great character moments.

    Has it been announced who is taking over for Lee and when it’s happening? I’m assuming Ivan Reis since he drew the 2nd year teaser.

  19. In thinking about this issue, I think it was one of -of the THE – best issues in the run so-far.

    I agree with Jediaxle that it is full of good characterization.

    Solid, all around, though as smo says above, parts seemed rushed to make room for issue 0 next month.

  20. This issue was amazing. POW for me. Great story and art. And can’t wait for JLA in February.

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