• Nigel’s father hasn’t been around in a while, but in 1940s London that’s not unusual.

• Fortunately, his friend William can take up the slack, personally and as the Whistling Skull!

• But when they join The Skeleton, will working together be enough to save the day against Nazi scientific horrors?

Story by B. Clay Moore
Art by Tony Harris
Colors by Dave McCaig
Letters by Wes Abbott
Cover by Tony Harris

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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    1. I’m gonna have to be honest & say I’ve not been enjoying this series much after #1 at all. Just not working for me especially Harris’ art, what happened to the man I loved in the 90’s where’d he go?

      I’ll stick it out until the end but unless this issue & the remaining two have a dramatic turn-around any other series in the future will be given a miss, sorry!

      • I read the first issue, but I didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t really care. I haven’t read JSA Liberty Files, but it seems like this book doesn’t really tie that much into it anyway.

        I use to love Tony Harris but he kinda leaves me cold now. There was that series he did with Mark Millar which never ended, War Heroes. I would rather see the rest of that than this.

    2. 3 x issues in, I regard the crow-barring of ‘The Whistling Skull’ into ‘JSA Liberty Files’ continuity as cynical & unsuccessful.

      In it’s light-hearted british-ness this series has much in common with the ‘Knight & Squire’ mini; a much better written effort.

      I don’t expect any follow up for ‘The Whistling Skull’, ever. It’s also unfortunate that low sales of this run will hinder any likelihood of a genuine ‘JSA Liberty Files’ sequel.

    3. Dropped it — and very upset with the false advertising. This isn’t JSA by any means. Should ask my LCS to send the books back and get a full refund!

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