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  1. May give it an arc but much more interested in the older characters so will be looking forward to JSA a lot more

  2. I’m really not interested in this, but.. I’ll pick up the first few issues just to see.  I (so far) have no faith in the JSA writers being able to keep these characters interesting.  Pessimistic, yes, but, I am quite sick of Magog. 

  3. um… isn’t damage dead?

  4. It’s a strange world where I’m dropping JSA and thinking about picking up GIJoe.

  5. GI joe is sweet and this preview did ABSOLUTELY nothing for me.

  6. I dunno- the preview does not look like something I would like, but House of Mystery is currently one of my favorite books. Can Sturges write a superhero team book as well as a mystery/horror/scifi/whateverHouse of Mystery thing? I may have to check this out to see. . .

  7. I like the line up on the team.

    I like the artist.

    I’ve heard good things about Sturges.

    I’m going to try it out.

  8. @captamerica101: I would be surprised if anyone who died in Blackest Night-related stories actually stays dead. It’s the theme of the entire thing.

  9. I am only going to check this out becaus I like Jack Of Fables and Sturges’ small run on Blue Beetle was amazing.

  10. Freddie Williams II is a favorite of mine but I do not think he’ll be enough for me to stay with this book.

  11. @captamerica101: In the "dont miss" podcast Sturges said that this first arch taks place before Blackest Night

  12. I like the writer as well and the artist is growing on me.  I’m in it, but won’t stick with it if the first issue doesn’t grab me.  I like the older characters better.  Besides, I’m sure there will be plenty of mingling for all characters in both titles.


  13. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Pretty good. Gave it a 4, but it’s more of a 3.5. Lots of setup in this issue. Hopefully Sturges will find his stride. Could be a lot of fun once it really gets going. Glad to be reading the JSA regularly again, even if it’s not the main title.  

  14. I’m not exactly thrilled with the art, but bringing Johnny Sorrow in as the villain has managed to keep me around for at lest the opening story arc.

  15. Bought this book in spite of a deep desire not to support the new JSA status quo. This whole split thing seems really forced to me. Freddie Williams pushed me into checking it out. Interestingly enough, I found that Stargirl echoes my feelings somewhat here. "Why am I here?" she asks in the book. I can’t help but agree, and it wasn’t answered to my satisfaction. I love these characters, I want to read their stories, even good stories. But this whole plot line is forced, I’ll never be able to enjoy it without some reason for it to exist. It would have been better if they just decided to tell stories of the young-squad WITHIN the JSA without this stupid, contrived, militarist split. Yet another line tanks as soon as Johns departs. Sad.

  16. I’m not going to continue with this series.  I’ll stay on JSA to see if that stays ok after the split.

  17. I think I may drop this.

  18. I really wanted to like this as well.  I didn’t.  Too bad.  I hope the other book keeps the quality up.

  19. The only two characters I care about are Citizen Steel and PG and they have already screwed up Steel pretty well (going military? he was adamantly CITIZEN Steel, remember? And isn’t he supposed to be ridiculously heavy?) Wildcat, Jr without Wildcat, Sr? Only the father/son relationship was interesting about him. Ugh on Magog. A commentary on the Cable-ization of comics has turned into DC’s Cable. And boo to another talented artist who turns into a 12-year old every time he has to draw a boob.

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