• The MANCHESTER GODS dread URBAN PANTHESISM arises in the north of Otherworld, the British Subconscious!

• Don’t look panicked. We just mean “Civil War”. A Civil War that Asgardia refuses to interfere in. Publicly. Behind the scenes, Loki is a one-man intervention force.

• Also: Secret mission from Hela!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Richard Elson
Colors by Ifansyah Noor
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Stephanie Hans

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Is this out every other week now?

  2. Wondering if they are double shipping to get the stories Gillen wanted to tell completed in preparation for the impending Thor crossover

    I could read this book every week.

    • That’s a wise policy if that’s the case.

      DC would be wise to do the same thing with Swamp Thing. I know, it takes longer to draw, blah blah but still.

    • A wiser decision would be to not derail the book with any impending crossovers and just let Gillen tell whatever stories he wanted on a monthly schedule with consistent art.

  3. I am not sure how I missed this momentous occasion….drum roll please…we have a cover of JiM without the banner of a crossover…

  4. Is it okay if I don’t enjoy Richard Elson on art as much as other artists this book has had?

    • He will be back for the Thor crossover later this summer and yes he is awesome!! I loved his style and his version of hell is just plain creepy in a good way.

  5. Also, correct solicit:

    Otherworld Aflame! • Can the Knights of the Round Table, Merlyn, Arthur, and even Captain Britain himself resist the power of the infernal, industrial North!?! • Meanwhile Loki’s mission deep inside the Manchester God itself discovers something that changes everything…

  6. Looks like only one ish in July, then EVERYTHING BURNS crossover starts in August with #642 – hopefully with a stylish crossover banner for jerriblankstare

  7. Dammit. This might be my POTW. What a fascinating monologue in the final pages.

  8. THere we are! Those are the big ideas and wonderful characterizations I love in my JIM! Great stuff!

  9. Who is Master Wilson supposed to be? When I saw him last issue, I thought he was Richard Dawkins but he can’t be because his name is Wilson.

  10. This book is so good I can’t believe it hasn’t been canceled yet.

  11. Greenhouse in Northampton 😀
    Hacienda in Manchester 😀
    So much to love about this book.
    Got some catching up to do.

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