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The people of Casket Canyon seemed so excited to have Jonah Hex for dinner. That’s because he doesn’t suspect that he’s supposed to be the main course! With a horrific snowstorm brewing outside and hungry cannibals at the door, Jonah Hex finds himself with one foot in the grave and the other on the dining-room table. And if the cannibals don’t kill him, the cold will! Featuring the work of up and coming artist Fiona Staples (NORTH 40)!

Art and cover by FIONA STAPLES

Price: $2.99
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mongo04/06/11YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. I wish comixology would catch up on these…

  2. I don’t like Westerns, but damn me if I don’t pick this up for some Fiona Staples art.  She completely won me over with Mystery Society, so I’m expecting more of her goodness here.

  3. Nice. Looks to be another horror western issue.

  4. Is this a jumoing on point? I’m very interested in everything this comic has to offer right now and the art looks great. Fiona Staples seem to be very promising.

  5. Yes.

    Probably the only point not to jump on this book was during the Six-Gun War arc.

  6. This was really good. Loved the art and story_I cant believe this was my first Jonah Hex comic

  7. Jonah never dissapoints.

  8. Man, gorgeous art. Wonderful writing too, but that’s just understood.

  9. Did anyone else have a full page ad for iFanboy on the back cover?  That’s too cool!

  10. I loved the art, and though the story was interesting, I really felt that it was damaged by the short amount of pages.

  11. That’s fucked up.

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