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Jonah Hex was only looking for a little peace and quiet, but he didn’t know it was time for the festival known as San Juan’s Day. He also didn’t know that this festival tends to bring out the crazy in people, but he should’ve figured that out as soon as he met Rosa. That big knife in her hand should’ve been a clue…

Art and Cover by NELSON

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  1. J-HEX!

    Always save this book for last, I’ve yet to be disapointed by an issue

  2. Only book this week. And no Bernet…

  3. Checked the artist and now I have Can’t Live Without Your Love and Affection stuck in my head.

  4. J. Hex is getting really predictable. I hope they do something new with this character soon ’cause I’m ready to jump ship.

  5. Yeah, the book hasn’t had a homerun issue since #57 or #58.

  6. @FreezerBurn  They don’t really do anything new with Jonah Hex. That’s kind of the beauty of the book.

  7. @FreezerBurn  If you’re look for something “new” and different. Check out the old HEX issues. In that series he was flung into the far future, rides a motorcycle, and uses ray guns.

    @Myncy  That’s exactly why I always read it first.

    This was another fine issue and I really enjoyed the art.

  8. Fucked. Up. I really enjoy every issue of Hex each month. So way if it’s predictable, they’re fun one-and-done stories. And the one with his Chinese wife was AMAZING! That was not a predictable issue of Hex at all.

  9. This is the first issue I have added to my pull list (after picking some up in a sale).  Great stuff.  Really enjoyed the writing (and twists) and the art was very readable too.

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