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Jonah Hex is many things to many people: a bounty hunter, a cowboy, a gambler, a stone-cold killer. But to Mai Ling, Jonah Hex is something else: her husband! Could this be true? Has Jonah Hex finally settled down?

Art and cover by JORDI BERNET

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  1. This cover is absolutely action packed.  The interior is sure to be the same!

  2. i love jordi’s oldschool style, makes hex such a unique book

  3. I thought the story was alright, I did not enjoy it as much as the last few issues. The tone was very different, but it was nice to see something a little different as well.

  4. After all of the love this book gets on this site, I decided to give it a try. Does anyone else think this issue was, as Myncy said, very out of the ordinary? Because if this was the norm, then this book just isn’t for me. Oh well, live and learn.

  5. Haven’t read this, but last issue would have been a good time to try. Or issue #50, #33, #27, #26 and about a couple dozen others.

  6. @HailScott

    57 and 58 are really good ones to jump on with. 57 is the classic premise of kids telling each other stories about Jonah Hex, and it has the panel of the year: Jonah Hex tackling a horse.  58 is told through the perspective of Jonah’s bullets. Very interesting.

    This issue wasn’t bad, it’s just different. You’ve got 60 issues of horse tackling, shooting people’s hands in half, etc., then one issue of Jonah being a whipped husband. Clearly a set up for future stories. 

  7. Easily my favorite issue of Hex since 50. This was great!

  8. I don’t know why you guys don’t think of this a nornal issue of Hex. Most issue are of the done-in-one variety. This follows the same formula of writing, maybe I’m just missing something that you guys see. Maybe you guys are talking about where Hex is merciful. Depending on the issue and the circumstance sometimes Hex can be merciful and other times not.  All in all I liked the issue and thought the story was pretty good and the art was great as always. I’d like to see a story of Jonah with his son when he was young.

  9. @JesTr

     I think it was more of seeing Hex interact with a different character in a very different way. By no means was the story bad, but it was just not what I was expecting following the last four issues. 

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