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When you’ve lived the kind of life that Jonah Hex has, there isn’t much that can unnerve you. So what is it about a kid named Billy Dynamite that has him so shook up? A tale of epic violence, fisticuffs, tragedy and, yes, dynamite, as illustrated by classic JONAH HEX artist Vicente Alcazar!


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  1. This cover is awesome.  Don’t know what to expect on interiors though, (not familiar with alcazar).

  2. Is this the one where he gets super powers and starts bringing people back from the dead?

  3. I remember reading Jimmy P’s blog and he was talking about how this series needs more sales.

    If anything, I think the Hex movie may have given this comic a bit more time to get more stories out there before they cancel it.

    That is a good thing despite my feelings about the trailer for the film.

    If this book gets the axe two months after the movie bombs . . . I will be grateful for the sixty or so issues.

  4. Jonah Hex has insanely steady sales. Apparently from last year to this year, it only lost like 4 issues worth of sales or something. The problem is, it never had great sales to begin with and I doubt the trades do killer business. But if sales ever do seriously drop…


  5. @ScorpionMasada: @NawidA is right. Hex’s sales haven’t been great from the get go but they have been steady enough to release 55 issues. Everyone was surprised it has lasted this long.  I’m glad too because this is my favorite read every month.  I have my doubts about the movie but still can’t wait to see Jonah on the big screen and I hope it provides a boost in issue and trade sales.  I think one reason  this book keeps pushing on despite sales are due to the amount of talent that want to work on the book.

  6. Hot damn this was great. I loved every page of it. My POTW is up in the air with this, Batman & Robin and Secret Six. Such a great week.

  7. I don’t doubt NawidA information.

    This was my favorite Jonah comic since issue #50. Loved the opening sequence. Loved the kid blowing up the dude’s mouth.

    I liked Jonah’s amusement at how Billy conducted himself.

    Wasn’t into the fact that this is the second time a child has been able to grab Jonah’s gun out of his holster.

    4/5 and pick of the week for me.

  8. This issue was jaw dropping.


  9. I actually cringed at a panel in this issue. Grisly!

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