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Hex arrives in a town grieving from a recent murder. But who’s responsible, and why? Sex and money are at the top of Hex’s motive list, but the identity of the culprit shocks even him. It’s blood, backstabbing and booze in another installment of JONAH HEX featuring Art by the legendary Dick Giordano (DC COMICS PRESENTS, ACTION COMICS)!

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art and Cover by Dick Giordano

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I’d never read this series before, but i figured i would give issue 50 a shot after it was pick of the week, and i loved it.  I’m planning on picking up this issue to give it another try to see if it will be added to my regualr monthly list. 

  2. I’m getting this issue too. Gave last issue a shot and loved it, now I want to see if I will enjoy it just as much when it doesn’t have Cooke’s purdy artwork.

  3. Same here.

  4. i read this series from 1-25 but got bored of it. Came back with last issue for Cooke and it was probably my favorite issue of 2009 so imma check this out.

  5. Dick Giordano, I am buying it.

     Jonah Hex is a great book, the added treat are the occasional great artists.

  6. Huge fan of this book.  Especially with it being done in ones.  If you liked the Cooke issues.. I think Jordi Bernet is up for art duties in #52.  I’ve really dug his previous issues on this title.

    Glad to see some of those who liked #50 are sticking around.  Cooke also did #32 I think- for those interested in looking back for another one.

    This book is like clockwork.  Every month the story’s pretty good, and since the stories are 90% done in ones, there’s no digging back through your old issues to brush up on what’s going on.  In that way it reminds me of my favorite books from growing up, and the stories are so consistently good.  Hex is usually the first thing I read off my stack of books when I get it.

    Occasionally there will be an artist who’s not my cup of tea.. but that’s OK since it pretty much always changes the next month.. there’s no waiting out an arc for things to change.

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