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  1. Read that this series is going to make it past issue fifty with more Darwyn Cooke art and some other cool artists in the stable.

  2. Bang bang! Boom! Bang! Bang! Thats the sound a gun makes =D  I learn stuff from Jonah Hex!

  3. I actually picked this series up ’cause B. Butler on Freshink said it was the best western comic out.  I’m pretty impressed so far.

  4. Never read this as I planned on eventually picking up the trades.  Looks like the start of a new arc.  Is this a good jumping on issue?  How much back story is necessary to enjoy this going forward? Should I read the tpbs first?

  5. @WetWork nothing a little research on wikipedia and the net couldn’t remedy.  From what I’ve gathered, you can pretty much pick up at each arc and find it relatively accessible.  I highly recommend it if you like westerns, though.  I enjoy it because of its relative seclusion from the rest of the DC universe.  Same reason I liked Ennis’ run in Punisher.  No cheesy marvel villians. 

  6. @wetwork Though the real focus of this book has always been short one and done stories, I have faith a long form story will be just as good.  The art hasn’t always been the best, but the art on this run seems to be great from the previews I’ve seen.  I imagine this will be a great starting point for new readers. 

  7. I like the Done in one approach the book normally has but a six part arc featuring classic Hex villian Quentin Turnbull doesn’t sound bad at all.

  8. This would’ve been my second trial issue, but my store didn’t get any in this week. Between Batman, Red Robin, GL Corps, Flash, Action, ASM, Pet Avengers, and Savage Dragon coming out next week, I have a feeling this won’t make it into my stack…

  9. Slockhart, no rush on Hex. Just pick up a random issue (there are a few weak issues, but most of them are good to excellent). Or a ten dollar trade from Amazon. If you like Westerns, or horror comics, you should be hooked.

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