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jmstump12/04/08NoRead Review


  1. I look forward to the beginning of every month because of this book.  It’s on time an consistently good, and well worth the $2.99 I pay.

  2. I love this book! The last issue was pretty random but the T&A made up for that.

  3. good jumping on point?

  4. @sleeperhit- Every issue is a self-contained story, so any issue is a good jumping on point.

  5. Indeed every issue for the most part is a good jumping on point.  This is such a great book.  I’m excited that this and Solomon Kane come out the same week.

  6. dare I say best book being published by the big 2

  7. This is a fun book and I’m never disappointed with it. Also, it’s a perfect beer drinking comic!

  8. "beer drinking comic!"

    Yes! This and Moon Knight both.

  9. Last issue had pretty horrible art, hope this one works out better because when its good its pretty ok.

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