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  1. Art by Jh Williams III?

    Yes please.

  2. I got a good deal on a handful of back issues and what I’ve read so far suits me. Think I’ll mosey on down to the LCS and get one while it’s fresh, see if it suits me still.

  3. That cover looks so cool.

  4. Ah reckon that’s a mighty fine idea there, RobAbsten.  I’ma dosey-do just after taking a look at this cover.

  5. I’m excited. This will be my first issue of Jonah Hex.

  6. I saw a preview image of this on JH Williams website, and he’s doing it in a Moebius-esque "Blueberry" style.


  7. @cman12- If you like morally ambiguous characters like Wolverine or the Punisher, then you will enjoy this.  Jonah Hex is probably my favorite character to read right now.

  8. Yep just like past issue this was great.

  9. That was fantastic.  Looks like i’ll be back issue hunting.

  10. I love this book!

  11. Badass ending.

  12. i liked this a lot, very good stuff. it was cool to see jonha having a bad acid trip and needless to say the jh williams art was incredible as always. i wish i could come up with a fraction of the cool panel ideas that mr.williams does

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