The end is the beginning, and the beginning the end. The Next Men must make the most important decision of their lives… and very possibly the last!

By John Byrne

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  1. Yup, still lovin’ the Next Men. So is this the final issue of this volume, I think I heard someone here mention? Byrne looks to be finding a clever way out of the storyline in the future that I thought would dead end him. Nice.

  2. For me, this series has been all over the place. There were times I felt so lost that I almost gave up. This final issue, however, seemed to bring it all together. Byrne’s art and dialogue seemed bang on. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Time for a reread from issue #1.

  3. Chaz, this issue really brought the plotline together, and not only explained everything that happened in this volume, but also wove the story deftly into the larger 2112 plotline. Pretty Cool.

    I remember Conor didn’t understand why he should care about these characters, and was anything even real? But I think by the end of this Jazz is confronting that question directly, and made me care a lot. Like Morrison’s Batman plotline over the last few years, this time traveling story was complex at time, but also like Morrison I think that Byrne always had a master plan.. Jazz, the Blonde, and Tony were all pretty compelling and interesting characters.

    I liked how the storyline finished not with the Next Men reuniting as is typical of most comic books, but instead each character making decisions on their future based on who they are.

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