Bethany isn’t the only one who has reached the 24th Century, but Gillian did it the “easy” way. Her story is told at last, and many lives it takes to tell it!

By John Byrne

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  1. Ah, Gillian! Could be interesting, provided we see the story, instead of being told it. The last issue i found had a lot of telling us things that happened, instead of us just seeing them.

  2. @powerdad Good Ol’ Byrne, still not practicing what he’s preaching.

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize this is the second to last issue of the series. That kind of bums me out. The good issues were really enjoyable, and the not so good ones felt more like they were at least working their way somewhere.

    Oh well.

  4. @Bendrix  I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Has Byrne said something on this topic? (Are you reading this series? I don’t see it on your pull list.) Anyway, just curious.

  5. Byrne always give interresting story telling and art advices, dos and donts, on his forum that I used to visit frequently. Something along the lines of “Don’t tell what you can show” is one of ’em, and I agree wholeheartly with it.
    But sometimes Byrne has a hard time following his own rules. This is not the first time.

    And not reading it. Not interrested in Next Men, but I might check out his upcoming series, COLD WAR.

  6. This series started out weak but has gotten a lot better. The time travel with the future creating the past was one of the best of features of the original Next Men. Keep going, Byrne!

  7. I thought this series was supposed to be 12 issues, but now it’s only 9?  I’ve tried to find any info about it on these here Internet, but have found nothing.  But it’s not solicited past issue 9 and it says “to be concluded” so I guess things have changed.  And John Byrne is doing some other new series really soon.

  8. @BCDX97  I’ve read that this storyline is coming to an end, but then the next one is Next Men: Aftermath, which will retain the numbering of the series (picking up at #40). 


  9. @Bendrix  Oh I hear ya. Yes, I could see how he might know better, but fails to live up to those rules. I would say he needs a good strong editor, but suspect that isn’t happening (and perhaps not desired on his part). 

    The comic says “Edits by Chris Ryall“, who is the Editor-in-Chief at IDW, so I have to wonder how much actual involvement me he has in the comic, verses a title on the comic page. (I’ll admit, this is a lot of speculation on my part.)

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