Past, present and future continue to collide as the Next Men struggle to find a common thread – and each other.

Plus, more on the startling discovery from the end of our first issue!

By John Byrne

Price: $3.99
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  1. No one else is reading this because they are jealous. 

  2. @DenverDave  You tell ’em, Dave!  I surprisingly enjoyed the first issue of this new run. I actually thought the original Next Men run was..”okay”, not great, but not bad…so I was surprised when I enjoyed the first issue of this new run. Let’s hope the good times last!

  3. @Denverdave @powerdad I too enjoyed the first issue! I read the first 30 issues when they came out, and this reads like Byrne is doing his best work in a while. I’ll even admit that this book will be at the top of my reading stack!

  4. You know, I don’t know if I’ll have time to write a review, but I really liked this issue. This issue along with the first issue are fitting together for me quite well. (The first issue layed some of the ground work, which it appears this issue is picking up.) Will it continue to be enjoyable? Who knows, but right now I’m happy.

  5. Ug… totally missed this at the LCS. I gotta get it, I got gots to get it. 

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