• At last: A lost Joe Kubert classic sees print! The amazing sci-fi epic THE REDEEMER begins in this issue!

• New stories with classic characters ANGEL AND THE APE and the crew of the U.S.S. STEVENS!

Written by Joe Kubert, Brian Buniak, & Sam Glanzman
Illustrated by Joe Kubert, Brian Buniak, & Sam Glanzman
Cover by Joe Kubert

Price: $4.99
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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Just buy this already. The 1st issue had 3 amazing stories. Angel and the Ape not my cup of tea, but Kubert’s stories and the USS Stevens story were REALLY that good.

  2. There is no reason to not buy this comic. I’m echoing what DavidClark said. Angel and the Ape wasn’t bad and was kind of funny, but not my cup of tea, but the rest of that book was stellar.

  3. Apparently I read a different issue (or I’m just a different reader) from the folks that gave this almost a perfect 5 rating. I LOVED the first issue (Angel and the Ape notwithstanding, as the comments above echo), but this one didn’t have the same magic for me. The Kubert art was great as always, but other than that and the brief section of WWII drawings, I was left with something that felt like a throwaway silver age comic. The writing in Joe’s story was hammy and melodramatic, and the war story felt inconsequential and extremely self-consciously “comic booky,” like he felt the need to infuse the story with humor out of some sense of duty to the reader, which felt out of place and made me not enjoy it nearly as much as the first U.S.S. Stevens installment. Angel and the Ape, as with the first issue, got about two panels of reading from me before I decided it wasn’t my cup of tea. If there was another installment of Spit (which I thought there was supposed to be – hopefully it’s not an unfinished story!) I would’ve liked it a good deal more. As it stands now, I’m debating whether one (relatively) short installment of JK’s amazing art is worth plunking down $5 for.

    • I didn’t enjoy this issue as much as the first one, either. Angel and the Ape is “take it or leave it” for me (but I read it). I had a similar reaction to you regarding the Kubert piece in here, but I disagree about the USS Stevens installment. I enjoyed it, and wasn’t put off by the humor–maybe because humor can be used to deal with the drudgery and stresses of life, even during wartime. I’ll be back for issue #3.

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