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  1. OI am so incredibly excited for this book. The best version of the JLA origin ever. Also, it’s minus-Supes, Bats or Wondy so it’s 100x better. 😉 Of all the books this week, I’m most excited for this.

  2. I think I’ll pick this up also.  The two other JLA runs I’d like to read are: Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire’s JLI, and Grant Morrison’s run.  In time, I guess…..

  3. hmmm, maybe some othher time. Unles one of you buyers writes a review…

  4. @JJ I’ve already read it… oh geez, several years ago. It’s a great comic book. Fantastic art, incredibly spot-on characterizations, just a really great "classic" tale. It’s been considered the definitive origin of the JLA for many years. Bear in mind that this story is based off the Brave and the Bold issues of the JLA from the Silver Age and as such don’t have Batman or Superman and it replaces Wonder Woman with Black Canary. In all honesty it makes for a better team dynamic. Great stuff.

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