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The hit ACTION COMICS co-feature that everyone’s talking about gets its own collection, reprinting the first four parts of the story and presenting 30 all-new pages that bring “Jimmy Olsen’s Big Week” to a ridiculously over-the-top close!

When Jimmy Olsen finds out that his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Sullivan, is spending a week writing a profile about a young big-shot LexCorp employee, Jimmy is determined to prove to Chloe that he can have just as exciting and interesting a week. Cue bar fights with drunken aliens, a visit to the Yarn Barn with Supergirl, Fifth Dimensional stalkers, and Jimmy Olsen: Space Warrior!


Price: $5.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.9%
Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. I’ve been waiting for this. Cover looks great too!

  2. “Reprinting the first four parts…”

    Gah. Still, should be good.

  3. I missed this completely when it was a co-feature. I’m so excited to get the entire thing in this one-shot.

  4. I am glad they are reprinting the first four parts.  It will essentially stand alone.  Unlike the Atom one-shot that we got earlier this month.  I still have to hunt down those Adventure Comics…

  5. Uh, so if I paid for the original issues….and got part of the story … I have to pay six more bucks to get 30 new pages to see how it ends? That, sadly, is a perfect example of why comics sales are dying. DC, you should be ashamed.

  6. had a hard time reading them as backups…..totally have to pass on this money grab. 

  7. @wallythegreenmonster  if there was a like button i would press it for that

  8. @StPaulDoug  But, of course, if they just printed the final thirty pages then it would only sell to people who already read the back-ups and wanted to see how it ended.

    They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    Obviously the best way to do it would have been to finish the story as back-ups THEN release this collection, which you have to think was the original plan after they saw the good press it was getting.

    Or maybe release it in two halves? One collecting the back-ups and one showing the conclusion. Ah, whatever the case I want to see how the story ends, so am going to buy this. Ultimately a story I like a lot trumps any rational or economic thinking.

  9. @markish: Yes, it’s a good story, and they are never going to trade it at 80 pages, so buy it!

  10. 5.99 is usually a little steep for me but I’ve heard such good things I’m gonna take it!

  11. An Amanda Conner cover… enough said.

  12. @Markish: I agree, there was no way out here that was going to please everyone.
    I was disappointed to see that they didn’t republish the earlier parts of the Atom story with the end, since I didn’t buy the earlier parts (and I certainly wasn’t going to buy a bunch of $4 Adventure Comics issues just for those).
    I bought the first parts of this and don’t mind double-dipping since I loved this story. Those that weren’t loving it, well, they shouldn’t be buying comics they don’t love anyways, so what’s the loss?

  13. You’re probably right. It just seems like I’m being taken for another ride…

  14. Heaven forbid DC makes any money from selling comics! 80 pages for $5.99 sounds good to me. Better value than two $2.99 comics. Granted, I haven’t already forked out for the Action Comics, so it’s all new reading for me.   

  15. This was excellent! I now officially no longer care how much this cost and demand an ongoing.

  16. Oh man, this was SOOOOOO good. I too was initially put off by the price, but having seen how much content was in there picked it up.

    Boy was i not disappointed. This was just fantastic – a really fun, lighthearted, clever story wrapped up in beautiful art. I’m gutted Spencer is now exclusive to Marvel and we won’t be seeing him write more Jimmy anytime soon.

  17. I enjoyed this as well.  However , the artist change on a coulpe of page at the end, particularly the first three of the the final five, were VERY jarring.  You would think with the extra time this would nt be a problem but…   Other than that, I’m going to miss Spencer penned JImmy Olson.

  18. This was just perfect all-over. I need more!

  19. What an issue. I would read this as an ongoing forever. The art, the story, the dialogue, was all perfect. It was fun and corny perfection. 

  20. I think perfection is a good way to describe this book it had everything you could want art, story, etc.  If an ongoing was going to be like this I would read it if not this might a good title to release a couple times a year as one shots or digests of awesome.  Less sometimes is more.

  21. i absolutely loved every  minute of this. I’m deeply saddened by the fact that Nick Spencer signed an exclusive with Marvel. To put it quite simply, his talents will be wasted there. Nick buddy, consider coming back, DC fans need more from you than T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents. 

  22. This was awesome! The only part that took me out was that three-page stint by the other artist. But come on, it was only three pages out of a bunch. Viva la RB Silva! (Sorry, Nick Spencer, but you signed on with Marvel…can’t hope for any more out of you…)

  23. This was such an awesome book, whiners be damned … some of us don’t actually read Action Comics folks–so spending the price of two cups of coffee on a really friggin’ sweet comic book … (actually I bought two of this so I can bag them together ;P … so it was actually the equivalent of four cups of coffee (@ Starbucks, BTW) but who’s counting?) … WELL worth it … What a great read. Nicely told story, good artwork (except the last few pages didn’t appeal to me, but oh well). I really enjoyed the Co-Superman story.

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