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  1. Goddamn is this book good. What’s replacing the backup?

  2. Issue 6 was one of my favorite comics to come out in a long time. Seven was good, but it wasn’t quite as good as 6. Still, one of the best books around.

  3. @PraxJarvin

    Totally. It was even better than Chew #3. This not having 100+ pulls is Criminal. 

  4. Damnit, Diamond fudged up the order to my LCS with this one. Next week!

  5. Another great issue.  Zoe looks hot in that red dress…yowza!  Other great moments…

    "Take me…please."

    Zoe’s super outfit.

    Zoe’s Dad comparing Barock’s space board to the backseat of his pinto.

    We meet Barock’s Mom, Valoria.

    More Avidus, Barock’s rockin’ brother.


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