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  1. Beautiful cover.
  2. Yeah, I think they said Allred will be doing the cover art for a while.

    The comic it self has been pretty interesting so far. I though at first it was going to be like Noble Causes, where it Zoe and Brock, where already married and the stroy would just be about being married to a Space God. 

  3. This is a fabulous read – I love this book

  4. For anyone looking for more information on this book there is a great behing the scenes interview with the creative team as part of a monthly column at

    Cool stuff

  5. Solid issue, though I admit I felt like the story telling got a bit muddled in the Neboron scenes. And things that should have been understood seemed lost until pages further on. It was a weird feeling. Really, as much as I like the Cosmic stuff, I wish the series were a bit more grounded in Jersey. Unless this opening arc is what sets up the entire series, which I’m perfectly willing to give.

    I’ll admit, I didn’t find the Mark Waid back up this issue that good. Looked great, I got the story, but it didn’t feel like anything. Pretty blah, you might say. Last issue’s was fun and interesting.

    Also… was anyone else curious about the one letter on the letters page that called the book a "Little Indie Book?" I’ve never heard an Image book called that before and it was more than a little eyebrow raising. (Though the person claimed to be a Marvel Zombie, so… maybe from that perspective?) 

  6. @Prax

    I can see an Image book called little. In fact, Jersey Gods isn’t even stocked on the shelves at my LCS.

  7. @Miyamotofreak That’s bizarre. Though, I’ve never been to a comic book store in my life that didn’t fully stock all but the rarest of Indie books. Where do you live, if you don’t mind the asking?

  8. Fremont, CA. It’s the fourth largest city in the Bay Area in terms of population but it’s suburbia. Savage Dragon is another title they don’t stock (but maybe that’ll change after FCBD). 

  9. @miyamotofreak Wow… that is really strange man. I get not having independent books, but not stocking Image books? Wow… I can’t even wrap my mind around that. I’ll admit, the really small comic shop by my house normally can’t keep those books in stock, but they have them. But the store I frequent when home in NJ stocks the oddest things sometimes. But now I live in NYC, so… with 3 different stories to choose from all with large weekly shipments, it’s a different story all together. Different store dynamics I guess?  

  10. @PraxJarvin

    Yeah pretty much. It’s why I have a pull list. 

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