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Zoe is super-charged — and she’s about to take Barock down! Never let your girlfriend borrow your super-powers. Sinister forces are lining up against our favorite Jersey couple that threaten to destroy their union… and their very lives as well. It all begins here!

art & cover DAN McDAID

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  1. Fun.  Fun.  Fun.   and Cosmic.

    I like the Cosmic.

    This is coming to an end!?  When?  Why?

  2. This is the second to last issue. Next month is the end. Poor sales killed it. Sad, sad. However this is a preplanned ending point even though the creator wish they could keep it going. If the trades do well a mini may release later.

  3. I had no idea.  well, I still haven’t read #10 so I’ll get a double dose.  Then I’ll re-read the whole darn thing over again from issue #1-12!

  4. I’ve been on since issue three or so and I’m sad to see this go but I will definitly be buying all three trades at some point.

  5. promote the trades as much as possible, because Brunswick and McDaid have said more issues would rely on the sales of those.

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