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In the search for Dead Fred’s killer, Gwen Dylan has learned more than she bargained for and discovers that she’s been wrong about a great many things. Now she finds herself faced with a choice: risk losing all that she is, or become a real monster. As if that weren’t enough, a confrontation with one of the fearless monster hunters leads in unexpected directions. And what about Spot the were-terrier, Ellie the ghost-girl, and Claire the vampire? All this and more in the conclusion of iZOMBIE’s debut arc.

Art and Cover by MICHAEL ALLRED

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  1. What a neat cover.

  2. Last issue was an awesome game changer, but then again this is coming from someone who calls himself ZombiePoo.  Of course I’m gonna dig this. Vertigo is kicking all kinds of ass lately but it seems like this book is getting less pub than Unwritten, Sweet Tooth or American Vampire.  iZombie stands right up next to all of those in quality and its nice to read a goofy story that’s just plain fun.

  3. @zOMBIEpOO – GAME CHANGAH!!! MAYHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. last issue was definitely a pivotal issue! 

    Allred really showed his potential as artist for this series and Roberson got into some much deeper plot points.  The dialog spoken and themes suggested in issue 4(souls, eternity, death/rebirth, etc.) really reminded me of Madman.  I know that’s probably an easy comparison to make because of Allred, but still, I have a good feeling this series is going to deliver over the long term!

    The only nit-pick I have is actually the title itself, but oh well…I’m over that.

    Really nice cover design here, too!

  5. I kind of wish things were progressing at a slightly quicker pace. 5 issues in and we’ve barely got to the tip of the tip of the iceberg. 

  6. Is this really the conclusion of the arc? It didn’t feel like there was much of an arc. Or any real conclusion. I loved issues 3 and 4, but this one did almost nothing for me.

    @jwaesch – I agree. I just pretend the book is called "I, Zombie" instead of "iZombie". That helps.

  7. I love this cover! I reminds me of the cover of Tales From The Crypt #28 (Feb-Mar 1952)

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