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The quiet town of Eugene has suddenly gotten very loud. Gwen and her friends have their hands full when a whole mess of zombies roams the streets, but these aren’t nice and cuddly zombies like Gwen. And when the Dead Presidents get to town, things get really complicated. Meanwhile, just what has Galatea been making from all of those dead bodies she’s been stitching together down in her secret lab?

Written by CHRIS ROBERSON; Art and cover by MICHAEL ALLRED

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  1. How is this comic?  I haven’t heard of it before now, but I’m a huge Mike Allred fan.  Worth picking up?

  2. @shiveringking8  Very good.  Great story telling and a fun energy about it.  Always excited to read the next one.

  3. @Jollyboy  Cool, sounds fun.  I’ll definitely pick this up and give it a try then.  Allred is probably my favorite artist and one of my favorite writers, so I’ll be interested to see him just draw something.  Is he coloring this too?  Usually his wife Laura does it and she’s fantastic too.

  4. Allred is my favorite artist as well, the book is worth it for his art alone. and yes Laura is coloring

  5. @shiveringking8  Go fo it. I’ve been with this since issue one. The art is a joy and the writing pure fun.

  6. lost interest.  not as much action as i’d’ov liked from a brain munching zombie.  Too tame and too much babytron drama for me. 

  7. I tried it and liked it!  Going to do some background research, though.  A bit confusing to come in here.

  8. @shiveringking8  Yeah, this is the third part of the third arc. I’d definitely get all of it you can.

    Man, Gramps the talking chimp must be really confusing if this was your first issue. Hell, most of it will have been, ha ha.

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