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The first year of IRREDEEMABLE came to a cataclysmic resolution, and before the jaw-dropping second year starts, Mark Waid is delivering an original stand-alone issue! Join the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN team of Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta, along with legendary comics creator Howard Chaykin, and BOOM! Favorite Emma Rios for the IRREDEEMABLE SPECIAL! Showcasing a never-before-seen glimpse into the Plutonian’s heroic beginnings and insights into his former teammates, the once-great Paradigm. Secrets will be revealed! Clues will be given! Threads will be tied up! This is a not-to-be-missed chapter in Mark Waid’s twilight of the superheroes masterpiece!

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Howard Chaykin, Emma Rios, Paul Azaceta

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Ugh Chaykin art.

  2. Oh i say bring on the Chaykin art. I’m more of a "Ugh Azaceta art" kinda guy.

  3. What?!!

  4. I love Irredeemable

  5. And I’ve recently became a fan of Azaceta.

  6. Bring on the Chaykin and the Azaceta art!

  7. would this be good to pick up, not having read any irredeemable?  I’ve always been intrigued but haven’t tried this series yet.

  8. @jwaesch – Unfortunately this issue isn’t very new reader friendly.  It’s full of great stuff for people that have been reading since the beginning.  But again, I always say "Jump In".  If you start here you should be able to pick up the pieces pretty quick.

  9. @jwaesch – I’d pick up an issue of the regular series (any one)…you’ll know whether you like it or not.  This might not be anything like the real book.

  10. Waid + Azaceta = Comic Goodness.  Throw in a dash of Chaykin and you have a great issue on your hands.

  11. How come more people aren’t talking about this?

  12. @robby

    Because like Scalped or Jonah Hex, it’s just consistently great. 

  13. the first part of this book is actually fairly new reader friendly…lots of background there…the other two parts aren’t relevant but still interesting.

  14. That was pretty fun, really loved the Emma Rios art.  Seeing Jailbait and Damage meet was pretty funny too.

  15. My store didn’t get this, he thought it was all reprints. Damn. I blame Marvel and the surge of unnessacary reprints in certain books.

  16. Curious about the "Vespa" in the first story, LOVED the art in the second.  Third story, meh.

  17. This wasn’t good.

    Some very poorly executed stories. The Max Damage story had no begining, no middle, no end. He shows up, gets in a fight, falls out a window with an attractive girl – What? Why? ah, it doesn’t matter.

    The Honert story didn’t need to exsist. Firstly, it’s understood from the first issue that he’s a batman architype, the impact of that opening scene is understood. It was a holy shit ‘Superman just killed Batman’ moment. Secondly, the development of that character was so off that it lessen the original Hornet scene. The Plutoian killing the Hornet isn’t bad asre anymore becasue it was realived that the Hornet wasn’t actually a super-cool character but a whiney bitch.

    And i couldn’t finish the middle story. It was fucking nonscience. 

  18. @edward I disagree very much about the Hornet story, I thought that was excellent.  I don’t recall having hardly any background on Hornet.  Wasn’t he killed in the first few pages of issue #1?  In any case, I really liked the additional background on the Hornet/Plutonian relationship.  It showed more of the background for Plutonian snapping (he comes in to save the day and people react like he’s being an asshole), and also gave us more reason to care about and sympathize with Hornet (he was always one step behind Plutonian).  But most importantly, as the reason this "needed to exist," the introductory text to the issue discussed how the three people featured in this issue would "play especially critical roles in saving the Earth from destruction."  How exactly Hornet is going to be a player there is unclear, given his (apparent?) death, but with that background, I thought each of these stories gave intriguing snippets about people who will play a larger role in the coming months.

  19. @Mrlogical: "I don’t recall having hardly any background on Hornet" – Yes, exactly. You didn’t understand my point at all

  20. @edward You know, it is possible for someone to understand your opinion and yet still disagree with it.

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