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This is the issue that IRREDEEMABLE fans have been waiting for since the very beginning.

Where did the Plutonian truly come from, and where is his real home? Do his parents hold the key to stopping his mission of revenge on the world that turned their back on him?

You can’t miss this epic issue of Mark Waid’s multiple Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated superhero series!

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Diego Barreto

Price: $3.99
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DemonBoy10/13/11YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Great solicit. I had gotten bored with the title, but I do want to know more about Plutonian. I may come back.

  2. Wow, talk about false advertising. The issue didn’t have anything to do with the Plutonian’s origin as far as I can tell. Still a good issue though.

  3. Yeah, that was a bit weird. Completely wrong solicit. It was good as usual but I feel this series slightly lost its way after #15 or so. I miss the Plutonian of the beginning issues.

  4. I thought this was one of those issues where not enough happened. Plus, I’ve got to say that I find all three triplets boring, boring, boring, although I suppose you can’t blame the dead one for that.

    This story is SOOO decompressed, it’s scary.

  5. This book has been so good for so long its incredible.

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