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Discover more behind the winged behomoth known as Gilgamos, as the newly empowered Charybdis leads The Paradigm into their first real victory! Don”t miss BOOM!’s bestselling apocalyptic superhero ongoing by multiple Eisner Award-winning KINGDOM COME and EMPIRE author Mark Waid.

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Peter Krause

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I’m seeing this one to the bitter end. At least Bette and the "Winged Cuckold" didn’t have any kids.

  2. Does anybody know how long Waid is planning for this series to run?

  3. Peter, any idea how long it’s going to run?

  4. This issue is insanely creepy.  Very chilling.

  5. Guys,

    No idea how long Mark is planning on this running.  My guess is he has some sort of end game planned. but that’s just a guess.

    Each time I get a script, there’s always a couple of surprises!  So I hope you’ll stick with us.  We’re entertaining you, right?


  6. Most definitely, consistently one of the best books every month, I don’t want it to end.

  7. si senor krause

  8. bad news, peter. i was just talking to mark and said this was the last issue. sorry, man

  9. Edward,

    Guess I’m coming to your place to live then.


  10. Thanks for the info, peter. Well, i guess ill have to keep buying this…indefinitely!

  11. heh, that sounds like a threat… INDEFINITELY!!!!

  12. I’m salivating!  Only 16 hours and 22 minutes until my LCS is open for business tomorrow!!

  13. Mr. Krause you and Mark Waid are continuing to totally ROCK this intense run! 😀 I’ve not once picked up an issue and found it to be "meh"; Godspeed to both you guys!

  14. ShonenRafa,

    Don’t want to spill the beans too much about this issue, but have you ever had a relative over for dinner and you just couldn’t wait to have him/her leave? Well….


  15. Best issue yet!!! Creepy, sexy, and just damn good all around!

  16. @peter that was a pretty fucking awkward scene.  Enjoyed the hell out of this story.

  17. I love the small ‘how did he ever think of that?’ moments against the larger insanity of the Plutonian.  That’s my favorite part about this series.  Not talking for all those years so that he wouldn’t hear them?  That kind of thing is amazing.

  18. Last issue reinvigorated my interest in this title. But I do wish this was a miniseries

  19. Vada and Darth,

    Yeah, the insanity with Tony and Samsara continues next ish.  I wanted to present that scene in as straightforward way as possible and just let the sheer terror of the situation build.

    And Lantern4life?  If it was a mini, it would probably be over next month.  I think Mark, Jean Diaz, Diego, Andrew Dalhouse (colors) Ed Dukeshire (letters), Matt Gagnon and I are building a neat little universe here.

    We shall see what the future holds…


  20. I love this book but damn it read sooo fast….need more pages

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