The second action-packed story arc begins here! Come back with us to a time when Tony Stark lost his company and his fortune to his greatest enemy, Obadiah Stane. Forced to rebuild a new company from scratch, Tony arrives in a run-down Los Angeles neighborhood and brings the people jobs, hope, and a new beginning — but unbeknownst to Tony, this district is under the iron thumb of the super-villain lords of L.A. — THE PRIDE! The Runaways’ super-powered parents will do everything they can to destroy this new enterprise, but this is Tony Stark they’re messing with here. And he — and the people he’s inspired — won’t give up the streets without a fight!


Price: $2.99
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  1. Cool cover! I might get it for the cover!

  2. Ditto, awesome cover.

  3. Just realized the cover artist, Juan Doe, is the same for my avatar.  Actually met him at NYC comic con last year.

  4. He does a lot of great covers! I often end up buying books with his cover art. Black Panther, Nova. I have issues of those with his cover art and no theirs in the series, lol. Josh Middleton is another who can get me to buy books without reading them. I just look at the covers.

  5. Ditto again, Middleton’s Supergirl covers were fantastic.  Gonna flip through this first though, wasn’t a fan of the last issue.

  6. Oh, and James Jean’s gotta be mentioned as well, probably my fave cover artist of all.

  7. Don’t know Jen. I’ll check it out.

  8. Oh wow.

    Thank you fo rthat.

  9. He’s the guy who does those incredible Fables covers, and he did some rad Green Arrow covers as well.

  10. He’s not doing comic covers anymore. He’s doing his own thing now. Hopefully in the future he’ll come back.

  11. @Frank: Ah! I see! So I did know him. I had noticed him but not bought him yet.

    I’m moving to a house this month and I will finally have a dream of mine come true! I will have my very own room dedicated only to stuff I love! Such as comic covers. I will setup an art gallery with proper gallery lighting and proper display and whatnot and display all my favorite covers (and eventually original art) such as Supergirl 36, supergirl 10, Alpha Flight 3, Catwoman 29, Detective 854, And so on…

    Any suggestions?

    I’m so excited!

  12. Wow that’s awesome, that’s like a dream of mine too.  

    I think you’ve got some good choices there, with Middleton and especially JHWilliams, can’t go wrong with his stuff, but off the bat I’m thinking Alex Ross, Adam Hughes, JG Jones and Dustin Nguyen covers have always been my faves.  Hughes has some killer Catwoman covers, and JG Jones with Wonder Woman.

    Hey how are you making those links?  I can show you some of my faves. 

  13. I type the text and then I highlight it. Once highlighted you see the link option at the top of the text field. Click the link button (looks like a chain link). Then input your url.

    Josh gave us a step by step in another thread this week so it was my first time figuring it out too!

    Show me some good ones! I love the ones that have high contrast anb just burn themselves in your memory and also the ones that have sexy women but not sexy like pornstar sexy, more like badass sexy, you know? I also love the ones that are just, like, what?! WHat the hell is going on here!? Like Supergilr getting put in a chemistry beeker. I lov ethe classics as much ast he moderns.

    Show me your faves. Sorry about the typos, I had a few beers. 😛

  14. JamesJean You mean like this?

    This will be my test link, will do more pending.

  15. Not sure that worked, will try later.

  16. It worked.

  17. So you saw that James Jean Fables cover?

    A lot of my fave covers are at my home in DC, but here are a few I’ve found:

    DNguyenManifestEternity, DNguyenME2, DNguyenBatman, JGJWW, HughesWW, let me know if these are working and what you think.

    Hey check out what Juan Doe signed for me at NYcomic con last year, it’s an original:  Cyclops

  18. Can you paste the links directly? I can click those. Could be cause I’m at work.

  19. none of those worked?  damn…not sure

  20. You can just paste the urls right in the comment field. I can then copy and paste them to my browser.

  21. Here we go again, hope this works, let me know.






    Here’s the Juan Doe Cyclops I got signed again.

  22. LOL, those link to this page here. 😀

    Having fun?

    Are you copying the links of the page with the art on it? 😛

  23. Fudge, how do you convert jpg files to url?  I’m retarded.  Obviously computer stuff not my forte, my bad JJ.  Off to the store today yo!!!

  24. HAHAHA! I didn’t know you were trying to upload them. 😛

    Don’t worry about it!

    If you get this book, let me know how it is…

  25. Yo JJ, I passed on this one, something about the interior art that put me off, and looking at the cover in person wasn’t enuf to gain my purchase.  Hope you like it if you get it.

  26. Hmm, yer right, in hand this lost appeal. I passed.

  27. So… about this comic; anybody else enjoying it more than Fraction’s book right now?

  28. @cubs: Do tell, how is it superior in your opinion?

  29. I feel like much more happens in each story; in particular, the 5 or 6 issue arc where Stark was stuck inside his own mind in the desert landscape was particularly bad.  Also, Stark rebuilding his business is OK, but it does remind me of the older Iron Man storylines where he had to do the same thing (which incidentally is when this new legacy storyline takes place).

     I actually prefer the art in this series too, as the faces of the characters in Fraction’s Iron Man never seem to reflect actual emotion.  Also, the supporting cast has just been superior (again, in my opinion) as although Pepper has been great in Fraction’s Iron Man, in this book you have Doctor Doom and Radioactive Man making appearances, and a great scene with Namor and the Illuminatti already in this arc.

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