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  1. This is the best Iron Man book on the market.

  2. The art is amazing and the story is pure fun

  3. You know, I was thinking about the new Matt Fraction book that was announced with Iron Man.  I really think that if he could write that book so that it feels like this one, he would have a real winner on his hands.  This is just good classic Iron Man…something that I think the fans are ready for.

  4. Conor is read this is the best Iron Man book on the market right now. To bad after this one there is going to be one more. I was going to wait for this in TPB but after looking at the art work when I was in the store. I did not want to wait for this in TPB. I meet Eric Canete sometime last year. He did a drawing of Iron Man for me and rocks. I am not sure if we can post photos on here. If we can I will post it.

  5. I had very low expectations for this book and have been pleasantly surprised.  The art is great and the writing is very refreshing.

  6. This is my favorite Iron Man book out right now.  I, too, am sad there is only one more issue!!

    The art is really unique and it’s what drew me into the comic… The story is well paced and I can’t wait to see how this is going to end! 

  7. This one has grown on my. I almost dropped it after the first two issues but am glad I stayed with it. I have to agree although I am still enjoying Iron Man but know I am in the minority.

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