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• EXTREMIS plus the final frontier equals universal doom!

• Will Tony have to betray an old friend?

• The debut of the All-New Space Armor!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Greg Land
Cover by Greg Land, Carlo Pagulayan, & Jimmy Cheung

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. As much as I don’t like the art (well, the faces mostly), the story keeps pulling me back in.

  2. I really wanted to continue this but the preview art was seriously too awful.. Ive been able to tolerate it so far but i dont know if i can keep it up.. 2nd preview page has half an f-15 in the middle of the scene in space among other things… so bad

  3. I really like the idea of customizing the suit for the job. It is going to bite Tony in the butt at some point will be a lot of fun. They are weaving a good story and the artwork is functional from a story telling standpoint. Some books, really bad books are confusing to read, the artwork is inconsistent, and the story just seems to fall apart. That is NOT the case here. The artwork, dialogue, paneling is all working very well to get the story told. I like the story so far, very much. 4 star book because of it in my opinion.

    But like other haters, I really dislike the faces on these characters. Wow it really is bad.

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