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  1. So…is the Dugan in this book a Skrull? Or is this totally seperated from current continuity a la Captain America?

    Either way, I loved this issue. I’m glad that this arc is over, as I was getting a little bored in the middle of it, but this final issue totally made up for it. The art was worth the price of admission alone, with a beautifully rendered bloody battle between Stark and The Mandarin by De La Torre. Some of the finest art I’ve had the pleasure to take in in a while now. 

  2. This was a great story line from the beginning and a fantastic way to finish the arc.  This is "Iron Man"!  Government/Corporate entanglements and then some a@# kicking.

  3. @PatShatner I agree, when I saw Dugan it made my mind go a little crazy for a few minutes. It could have been a great bombshell. As it was this was a great book. I was sure glad I had read the Enter the Mandarin series too.

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