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  1. Just read the last issue over the weekend.  It was a really good read and I have high hopes for the Dark Reign issues upcoming.

  2. Is this a character we know on the cover?

  3. @JumpingJupiter:

    It’s a variant cover of a random Iron Man villain. Ignore it. iFanboy put up variants this week for some reason.

  4. They have a great convo about her in one of the illuminate issues. So what this title tied in with secret invasion before or is this just gonna seem random to people that are only reading this book? Sorry, haven’t jumped on board yet

  5. I’ll let you know when I read it dude.

  6. I like that cover, too bad I have switched to trades.

  7. @lpitythefool-You can probably jump right it, nows a good a time as any.  The last arc just finished up. 

  8. @Ipity and Jumping:

    It’s after SI. It’s basically a Dark Reign tie-in but it looks like they don’t want to put any banners on Invincible Iron Man for the first year so as not to scare off new comics readers coming in from the theatres. The book is pretty much written to be acessable.

  9. I just read the interview Fraction did with IGN.  Seems exciting, but am bummed that they are taking away the Extremis powers.  Isn’t that just like throwing Ellis’ run down the crapper?  I never read it, but I heard it was very good and established the new (now old) status quo for Tony.  Iron Man…BND??  Whatever, I love this book

  10. I’m glad about the no banners thing. This was a "gateway" comic for me and I might’ve dropped it due to para-dark reign-anoia. I do not like events mostly. They intimidate me, frankly. Personally I think Marvel is doing it the right way here.

  11. @JumpingJupiter

    I don’t blame you, or them; It’s nice to see something take place in the same universe BUT without having to have some banner on it.


    …then again I’m a fanboy and I like the banners too :3

  12. I read the first 7 issues this past week and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

  13. Banners or not, it will deal with the fall out of SI as it pertains to Iron Man.  Having a banner doesn’t mean jack to me.  If they raised the price, then I would have to start throwing shit.

  14. The person on the cover is Whitney Frost, aka Madame Masque. She was an old enemy/flame (are any females in the MU not an old flame?) of Tony Stark.

    She’s recently been seen with the Hood, who is currently a member of the Dark Illuminati 

  15. This villain variant should be a photo of Brian Bendis. :

  16. @J4K3: Why?

  17. @JumpingJupiter:

    I think Bendis haters are the new Quesada/OMD haters.

  18. And why would we want those haters to hate the cover of this comic?

  19. OMD was still shit!  and i dont think Madame Masque is a memeber of the dark illuminati.  this series has just been getting better and better and its really nice to looking foreward to an Iron man book, cuz ive never really liked the character to begin with, and Fraction is one of the guys making me.  and i dont think people used the Ellis exteremis powers enough for them not being there anymore to make much of a difference.  Plus, i didnt understand it until, like, half way throught the Knuaf run.  still dug the hell out of Ellis run, though

  20. @mikeandzod21: Nobody’s saying she is. People are just getting really confused about these Villain Variant covers which ARE NOT STORY-RELATED.

  21. Hmmm, maybe its because the Hood is in the evil Illuminati…and Madam Masque is a member of the Hoods crime gang?  Either that or they just feel the need to put villians on the covers.  Don’t know, just throwing stuff out there

  22. @drakedangerz:

    OMG how many times do I have to say it! In an interview, Fraction even said that she has nothing to do with this story, and that the villain variants are completely non-story-related!

  23. silly goat, you know full well I don’t read your post 😛

  24. I picked up the regular Iron Man cover…and I see a banner on the top…

  25. @drake:

    bwahaha, well, there go our theories.

    *basks in the dark reign*

  26. great issue, i love this new Iron Man status quo.

  27. A lot of people liked this. It left me sort of meh. Don’t know if it’s the sorta kinda event tie-in or the increasingly atrocious art.

  28. I have a feeling all Tony’s mistakes will seem less terrible compared to what Norman Osborne will do to the marvel universe.  Tony’s redemption is just beginning.  Who Knows maybe he will have a hand some how in bringing Steve Rogers back.  You know it will happen some day.  And why not tie Tony into Steve’s return just as he is tied to his death.  What do the rest of you think?

  29. dus, you are the man.

  30. No, Steve won’t be coming back soon.  If Marvel does that, they will completely be ruining what Brubaker has done over in the Cap book.  If you’re reading that book, its obvious that Bucky has perfectly grown into being the new Cap and won’t be leaving anytime soon.  As scared as I am to say it, I don’t want Steve back.  Bur is doing THAT good of a job. 

    I do agree that this is the beginning of the long road to redemption that Tony has to take.  Eventually I see him coming back and helping to clean up the mess that Norman will make.  Then maybe the world, and Thor, will welcome him back and forgive him for screwing up.

    @JJ-Its got to be the art.  The story was fantastic

  31. Well I think Steve will come back some day but maybe your right.  Maybe Tony’s redemption will be long finished by then.  And I agree Brubaker is doing an amazing job.  Soon maybe we’ll stop calling him Bucky and just think of him as Captain America.  Either way, it’s one of the best reads in Marvel right now.  And this comic has the potential to be as good if handled well.

  32. They’ll need a new artist for this to be "Bru-Cap-America" good.

  33. how will bringing captain america back ruin the comics brubaker did?

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