• The FUTURE for Tony Stark is here now!

• You think YOUR boss is bad? Try working for THE MANDARIN…

• The new IRON MAN vs RESCUE…?

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Salvador Larroca
Colors by Frank D'Armata
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Salvador Larroca, Frank D'Armata

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Only 5 more left to go after this, & then Gillen/Land turn up what a load of old shhhhhhhiiiiiiiiitttttttT!

  2. I actually can’t wait for Fraction to get off this title. He transformed the presumably “Invincible” Iron Man into a quivering pussy. In the last four years he got nothing but the crap beat out of him at every corner. When was it the last time he wasn’t being thrown around like a rag doll and dealt some serious damage?! And now Tony Stark has lost his armor AND his mind to the Mandarin. Jesus wept. Isn’t it about time he just killed that douche already? The only thing that has kept me coming back is that I am a completist.

    • It’s not Tony that is invincible, it is Iron Man itself. The concept, the armours and the philosophy of what the Iron Man represents is what cannot be beaten. Take one version down and the next version is coming up to kick your ass or save your life.

      This has been a brilliant run!

    • Absolutely this run from these two has been almost perfect (my opinion by the way!) I can’t fault any of it & will be very much leaving when Fraction/Larrocca leave.

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