As Tony Stark falls apart and struggles to rebuild, the world needs Iron Man in action, in battle, out there saving the day. Tony’s constructing the future of Asgard and the Marvel Universe, but if he can’t even save himself…how can he save anyone else? It all gets personal, as Tony has to face his greatest fear once and for all.

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Salvador Larocca
Cover by Salvador Larocca

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  1. I know that we already see what happens in Fear Itself 4 but I have really been looking forward to this issue.  It just left off in such a hopelesss tone last issue.  I want to know how he fixes himself.  Never read Iron Man so maybe he always gets busted up like that but it seemed bad.

  2. Fraction is doing better on this book than he is on Fear Itself. Fear Itself is so all over the map that the gravity of the situation isn’t really represented. FI just reads like an Avengers story. Then you read this storyline and you realize “Oh shit. All of Paris got turned to stone.”

    Capable writers mess up event stories all the time. For all of Bendis’s event contributions, “House of M” was probably the only one that was really interesting. The rest were just fluff stories that lead to the next status quo. 

  3. This was great. drunk Tony was sorta funny but also kind of frightening. For the first time, I’m finally starting to actually feel the fear of this event.

  4. This was a great issue! The idea of Tony drinking had a lot more weight behind it in this story. This was the best Iron Man issue in a long time. Fear Itself is getting a fairly deserved bad rap, but this issue is really a nice surprise amidst all of that. Fraction did a good job of making Tony’s drinking issue personable as opposed to the emotionally forced feeling that plot twist usually has.

  5. If this week didn’t have a Paolo Rivera DD or the Rocketeer, this would have been my POTW.

  6. I went direct publisher subscription with this issue. Glad to hear that people are liking it.

  7. This issue just made me uncomfortable.

  8. man those dwarves can curse…

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