Fear has spread across the land and has made its way to Broxton, Oklahoma. As the Broxton residents prepare for a major disaster, Iron Man and Stark Resilient head into action. On the eve of this cataclysmic event, the Armored Avenger will face many dangers, but the greatest danger of all will be facing Fear Itself in this tie-in to the biggest Marvel event ever!

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Salvador Larroca
Colors by Frank D'Armata
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Salvador Larroca, Frank D'Armata & Sebastian Fiumara

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.6%
Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. I think it’s time to start subscribing directly to Marvel for this. Maybe when they release Daredevil or do the Captain America title change/relaunch thing.

  2. This issue was only okay. Also, as someone that grew up very near Arlington, VA, I can tell you that nowhere in Arlington is there a beach like that.

  3. As a new reader jumping on for Fear Itself, I greatly appreciated that this event-branded storyline was, in fact, part three of another story that only briefly touched upon FI and didn’t much expand it at all!

  4. @glunders – Agreed.  Larroca’s art has kept me from buying this title for a long time, but I picked this one up for Fear Itself.  WTF.  Way to go, Marvel.  You conned me into looking at another 22 pages of Sawyer Tony Stark. 

  5. This book has not been enjoyable in quite awhile… I preferred Legacy to it and have thus far thought 2.0 is better as well.  The only reason I read this is because those books get cancelled (or will soon enough) and then our house is out of Iron Man stories.

  6. Didn’t expect a Chaykin backup story which was a nice surprise that explores the Iron Man universe.
    This was good stuff. Nice wrap up and Fraction mixed things up with a short three issue arc. Nice to see Mr. Ock in here and Larroca can switch over to his flashback style of art any time he wants since I enjoy it more.

  7. You people bought this because it had FEAR ITSELF on the cover and not because you wanted to read INVINCIBLE IRON MAN?  I can’t roll my eyes hard enough.  

    Another fantastic issue of the best series Marvel produces.   

  8. This was a fine issue, but at some point the pacing went all wonky

  9. Didn’t like the ending of the Doc Ock story and I loved the first to issue of this.  Seems like he tried to bring in Fear Itself instead of just finishing that story first.  I did like the Chaykin story but did throw me off for a second on what was going on.

  10. Very flat conclusion to the arc. I guess it fit in with the way the series has been going for a while, but it’s still not a satisfying read.  I’m starting to think Fraction’s writing is just not for me.  I gave it a 3 mostly for the Chaykin story, but I’m off this book. 

  11. I enjoy Larroca’s art and Fraction’s writing.  He continues to take a possible mediocre story by anyone else, and makes into something you continue to read and guess at.  He always fills the story w/surprises and lots of guesses.  It is easily one of my favorite books I’m reading because of the consistent art and writing. 

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